7 years of Friendship still strong

The day i met my Best Friend

The Day I Met My Best Friend

January 9 2006 was probably one of one the BEST days of my life that's the day I met my Best Friend Mickyia Danielle Lackey Hoston ! I remember that day like it was yesterday, I walked into the daycare we were going in at the time not knowing anyone , and not having anyone to talk to didn't know what to expect. I walk in sit down and a very tall and pretty girl walks up to me and say " Do you want to play Connect 4 with me ? " not wanting to be mean I say yes in a heartbeat. No one ever know that Mickyia saying those six words to me could change both of our lives FOREVER !!! at that moment I realized that that girl would be my Best Friend Forever .

Everything was good for a few years then something we never thought would ever happen happened !!! Mickyia moved and she no longer went to that daycare anymore my whole life was just falling apart I had lost my Best Friend I didn't ever think I was going to see her again " What am I going to do ?" " who am I going to play with?" "who will I be able to talk to ?" " who will listen to all my lame jokes?" I wondered to myself I didn't know what to expect next I was just so sad ND BLUE FOR THE LONGEST .

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After 2 long years finally being reunited with my Best Friend

After 2 long sad and dreadful years something happened that I would NEVER FORGET !!! I went to Frank liske Park just like any other ordinary day with my Family little did I know that my long lost Best Friend would be there. When I first saw her I thought it was just a dream I thought to myself " This couldn't be!" I thought to myself so many things were going on in my mind I was really just happy I found my Best Friend again!! Long story short it didn't take Mickyia and I long to catch up and get back to how things used to be. W e hang out almost EVERY WEEKEND we go to the movies together and we love we just love to go to Sweet Frog together. I have promised myself and I am very determined that I will NEVER AGAIN loos contact with my Best Friend Again.


"Sisters by CHANCE Best Friends by CHOICE"