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Thursday 29th November 2018

Return from camp - Years 4 and 5

If you will be meeting you child at school after camp - please remember to let me know that your Year 4/5 child will not be on his/her bus tomorrow afternoon.

Christmas Card Competition - winners!

We have had over 100 entries into the Christmas card competition - so many fantastic designs so thank you to all the children for your hard work. As promised, two designs per year group have been selected and are with the printers as we speak! They will be sold as packs of 12 in the PTA office and on the Christmas Carols evening on 10th December. We will let you know when they are in.

The rest of the art work will be displayed around school and the PTA office and the pieces can be collected after 10th December.


Year 1 : Brendan Fong 1M & Lars Ng 1M

Year 2: Amelia Balfour 2P & Sophia Dannaoui 2R

Year 3: Cherise Chan 3O & Haydee Kwok 3S

Year 4: Brighton Chan 4R & Ziao Chen 4H

Year 5: Celine Ling 5I & Deeva Thakur 5R

Year 6: Ella Snelgrove 6R & Grace Eathorne 6R

Christmas Carols

Monday 10th December 6.30-7.30pm


We would like to invite you to join the Kennedy School Junior and Senior Choirs at our Winter Wonderland Sing-along! It is a lovely chance to get into the Christmas spirit. Tickets are limited so please pop into the PTA and get them whilst they are available!

EVERY adult must have a ticket and the $100 includes a glass of Mr Tremmel's famous Mulled Wine and a homemade Ginger Biscuit.

Christmas Hampers

Thank you for all the wonderful donations so far!

We will be having a lucky draw for fun Christmas hampers at the Carol Evening on December 10th, and would like to ask each student to bring in one item to fill the hampers. Each year band will have a theme. The PTA will be collecting your donations until Wednesday 5th December. Please be creative! Here are some suggestions:

Year 1 - BAKING

Muffin tins / Cookie Mix / Cookie Cutters / Sprinkles or Chocolate Chips / Cookbooks / Whisks / Aprons / Baking Trays / Spatulas / Measuring Jugs and Cups


Baubles for the tress / Candy Canes / Star or Angel for the top of the tree / Chutneys / Ginger Biscuits / Shortbread / Mulled Wine packets / Mince Pies / Christmas cake


Shower Gels / Candles / Soaps / Nail Polish / Massage Oils / Bubble Bath / Shampoo and Conditioners / Hairbrushes / Body Lotions / Gift certificates for Foot Spas / Perfumes and After Shaves

Year 4 - SPORTS

Water Bottles / Tennis Balls / Footballs / Rugby Balls / Sports Towels / Current sports magazines / Hats / Mouth Guards / Wrist or Hair Bands / Sports Socks (child or adult) / Swimming Accessories (such as goggles) / Skipping Ropes / Yoga Mats / Golf accessories / Exercise Balls


Games - Such as Playing Cards, UNO, Board Games, Top Trumps etc

Popcorn and snacks for Movie Nights.


Wine / Liqueurs / Truffles / Olives / Specialty Coffee and Tea / Boxes of Chocolates / Bottle Openers / Dipping Oils / Chocolate Covered Fruits

Speed Stacks - only on sale for 2 more weeks...

Back by popular demand, Speed Stacks are now on sale again in the PTA office. We have a variety of colours and options to buy the cups only, or as a set which includes a mat, timer and bag. Prices start start from $150.

Important reminder - for bus users

In order to avoid constant and unnecessary afternoon bus delays, please be reminded to let me know if your child will not be taking their regular bus home after school. This is most important if your child is in school during the day, but will leave early for any reason - a doctors appointment, a family engagement, or you may decide to take them home with you if you have been in school for an exhibition or event. You may also have organised for them to be collected by another adult for a play date, to wait in the playground for a sibling, or take them straight to an activity outside of school.

What ever the reason, if they will not be taking their regular bus home on that day, it is essential to let me know via email or phone before 2.30pm.

School bus - Term 2

For those students whose parents have opted to pay school bus fees by term, please note that bus fees for next term are due tomorrow.

Please email me if you have lost your form, or didn't receive it.

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