Eagle Elementary

Monday, August 2, 2021

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Dear Eagle Families

We had a wonderful time last Thursday welcoming the class of 2034, otherwise known as our new kindergarten families and all other families on Friday evening! We look forward to tomorrow, Tuesday, our first day of school for the 2021-22 school year!

As we draw near to the start of school, here are a few items to keep in mind:

  • Eagle Start Guide - Click HERE for district back to school information. Please note that at this time, it is mandatory for all students under the age of 12 to wear a mask. Thank you for sending your child prepared.
  • Our Spirit wear shop is open! Check out the display this evening and shop online.
  • Supply Lists - Supply lists are located on the Eagle website, on the parent page. Click here to view: Eagle Supply Lists
  • Arrival and Dismissal Information is located below.

All the best,

Andrew Foreman, Principal

Arrival and Dismissal

School times:
Kindergarten - 9:00 am until 2:30 pm
Grades 1-4 - 8:00 am until 2:30 pm
*Students are considered tardy if they arrive in their classrooms after 8:00 am. Our car rider line may be longer this year. If you are in the line by 8:00, students will not be marked tardy.

Students may walk/bike to school, ride in a car, or take the bus. Our ultimate goal is student safety! If we all follow the procedures it really helps us make sure all students arrive to school and back home safely every day.

Bus information: please call Amy Eaton at (317) 873-2852 (ext. 11802) with any questions. Buses unload and load at the back of the building with the assistance of our staff.

Car riders:

At arrival, cars may enter the loop and wait for an Eagle staff member to indicate when students can enter the building. We ask that parents shut off their car to help with emissions if they are early for pick up or drop off. Students exit and enter cars on the passenger side. You will notice that we have large, orange cones. We will ask that students only load and unload at the designated points along the sidewalk marked by cones. Please teach your child(ren) to buckle and and unbuckle so that the driver can also remain in the car safely. Car riders will enter the building between 7:50 and 8:00 am.

Car riders will be dismissed at 2:30 pm. Students will wait inside for their name to be called over the radio. A staff member will direct students to their ride once it has entered the loop.

Please place a sign with you student(s) names clearly visible in the front window of your vehicle. The sign assists us with getting students to the correct car. A good trick is to attach the sign to a clothes hanger that can be hung from the rear view mirror.

***Please Note: We want to be courteous of our neighbors here at Eagle. Please be sure to keep driveways accessible to homeowners while we wait to pick up/drop off students. We also want ensure student safety by being extra cautious and obeying traffic laws especially in the areas surrounding our school.

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Walkers and Bike Riders: All walkers and bike riders must cross at the crossing guard. Walkers will be able to enter the building at 7:50 am and go to their classrooms. Students must be accompanied by a parent until the doors open at 7:50 am.
Walkers will be dismissed from the back door after buses leave and walked across the street at the crossing guard to the corner of 6th street and Beech Street. Please meet your child at the corner of 6th and Beech (Front lawn of the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Library) to help with our safe dismissal.
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New Team Members at Eagle

Click below to meet the newest members of our staff!

Team Eagle Staff Members

Team Eagle Teachers & Staff


Krista Perman, Jacqueline Fish, Chloe Walker


Marissa Grant, Marissa Ihle, Kelly Spence, Jennifer Sautbine

First Grade:

Jeanine Grathwohl, Carmen Marshall, Ashley Molina (Burk), Christine Wright

Second Grade

Skyler (Houston) Conley, Britney Nunez, Katelyn Slack, Deanna Schmidt

Third Grade:

Monica Condon, Katie Clark, Annette Sinsko, Katie Werner

Fourth Grade:

Scott McKinley, Jayne Shubat, Emily Sigmund, Callie Surface

Related Arts:

Molly Haas (STEM), Sean Shanley (Music & Art), Susan Ottinger (Media)

Alyssa Jackson (Wellness)

Unified Student Services (Special Education)

Lynne Plawecki (Speech Language Pathologist)

Katie McLaughlin, Kristin Carpio, & Sara Thompson (Resource)

Claire Braun (School Psychologist)

Brittney Sepanski (OT); Jennifer Kaleth (PT)

School Counselor: Diane Radivan

Literacy Coach: Beth Brent

ELL: Julie Luker

School Nurse: Christina Reedus

Cafe Manager: Sheila Dibble

Before & After Care: Kimberly Bannister

Office Team:

Adam Harper (Safety Resource Officer)

Karen Klyczek(Administrative Assistant/Treasurer)

Andrew Foreman (Principal)

Holly Norman (Administrative Assistant/Registrar)


At Eagle, we are honored to serve next to some of the most incredible humans that provide access and support to students with varied abilities and talents. We have no doubt, nor take for granted that we have the best support team available. The talents and skills of our instructional assistants allow all our students to thrive.

Team Eagle Instructional Assistants 2020-2021

Nicole Bradley

Nicole Noel (new team member)

Swapna Konnur

Anna Smith

Carolyn Kuklak

Upcoming Events and Important Information

August 2- No School

August 3- First Day of School

August 19- Curriculum Night, 5:30-8:00 PM

5:30-6:00 Kindergarten

6:00-6:30 1st Grade

6:30-7:00 2nd Grade

7:00-7:30 3rd Grade

7:30-8:00 4th Grade

September 6 - Labor Day - No School

September 9 - Camp Tecumseh 4th grade field trip

September 22 - Jog-a-thon

October 11-15 - Fall Break

October 26 - Regular school day w/ Family/student conferences (PM)

October 27 - E-Day & Family/Student Conferences

November 24-26 - Thanksgiving Break

December 20-31 - Winter Break

January 17 - MLK Jr Day - No School

February 21-25 - Mid Winter Break - No School

August 19: Eagle Curriculum Night, 5:30 – 8:00 PM

During this event, each classroom teacher will present a half hour session highlighting the curriculum, events, and expectations for the year ahead. Each grade level has a designated time, indicated in the calendar below. You will also be able to visit informational booths from various district and community organizations.

5:30-6:00 Kindergarten

6:00-6:30 1st Grade

6:30-7:00 2nd Grade

7:00-7:30 3rd Grade

7:30-8:00 4th Grade

COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies and Protocols

Welcome to Zionsville Community Schools (ZCS)! We are so happy you are here for the 2021-2022 school year. We look forward to a fantastic year ahead. The ZCS Board of School Trustees recently updated our CoVID-19 operations plan. Please review the details below as we prepare for a great year together!

All plans for the start of school on August 3, 2021 are subject to change.

1. Mask wearing is strongly recommended indoors for individuals 12 years and older who are not fully vaccinated.

2. Mask wearing is required by all persons on all school transportation until further notice.

3. Masks are required for all persons under age 12 until further notice.

4. All masking and other protocols are subject to change.

5. ZCS will not require vaccination for any staff or student until further notice.

6. All instruction-based visitors (tutors, private music lessons, guest speakers, etc.) will be required to complete a C-19 Waiver, and their access to campus is subject to change.

7. Mitigation strategies of increased ventilation, cleaning, and hand washing/sanitizing will continue as practiced last school year.

8. Cafeterias and transportation for students will operate at full capacity.

9. Guests are not allowed to have lunch at school with a student until further notice.

10. Related arts will hold classes in their classrooms.

11. Contact tracing will occur for those within 6’ for at least 15 minutes of a C-19 positive person.

12. If close contacts have prior C-19 diagnosis, consultation will be made with BCHD to determine if quarantine is warranted. Currently, individuals who have been positive within the past 90 days do not need to quarantine if they do not have any symptoms.

13. A contact-traced individual without proof of vaccination or prior C-19 diagnosis as outlined above will quarantine for 14 days. However, the contact-traced individual may get a C-19 test on Day 5 or after exposure for an earlier return.

· If the test is negative, the individual may return on Day 8 if they remain symptom free.

· If the test is positive, the individual may return after the 10-day isolation period if symptoms have abated.

14. All quarantined and isolated students will access instruction/lessons asynchronously via Canvas and/or Enboard SSO portal while away from the classroom. Arrangements may be made with the classroom teacher and/or school principal for the supply of assignments for students who will be absent from school more than two days.

15. Unless otherwise communicated in the case of CoVID-19 community spread, there will be no event restrictions or permissions required from local health authorities until further notice.

16. Vaccination status of students and adults will not be known to ZCS unless a CoVID-19 positive case and close contact situation calls vaccination status into question (regarding quarantine or isolation need or duration).

17. Parents should keep ill children at home and report CoVID-19 symptoms and positive test results to the child’s school.

18. The Superintendent and/or designee(s) are authorized to make CoVID-19 protocol adjustments in safety practices of any kind to include, but not limited to, school scheduling, closure, masking and social distancing, limits upon event size and/or participation specifics until further notice. This virus, its variants, the inconveniences, and the real devastation to some individuals’ health have not ended, and our school board and leadership team will continue to exercise their responsibilities to implement the school program in accordance with public health and governmental officials’ guidance and/or directive(s).



An Update from The Eagle PTO:

Our Eagle Elementary spirit wear shop is open! Check out our shop website https://eaglespiritwear21.itemorder.com/sale full of new designs and a lot of options this year! Eagle Elementary celebrates optional spirit day every Friday so make sure to get your Eagle student ready! The shop also serves as a fundraiser for the Eagle Elementary PTO! We typically have one big sale a year and this is it so don’t miss out.

Check out our bulletin board outside the school cafeteria with spirit wear samples! Adult sizes available. The shop will close August 15th so make sure to place your order by then. Go EAGLES!

We are so happy to have you join our Eagle family! Eagle is such a special place to send your kids. Every parent is automatically a member of the PTO at Eagle, if you would like more information or would like to get involved please feel free to contact me at kgreenla@yahoo.com or text me at 312-404-3915 if you have any questions.

Information is also below for anyone interested in being a Jog A Thon Sponsor. Please reach out to the individuals listed on the document with any questions.

Kristie Goehausen

PTO President

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We will be welcoming instruction-based visitors/volunteers to our campus per the Eagle Start Guide. In addition to our background check requirements, guests to campus will also be required to complete a C-19 Waiver. Access to campus is subject to change. Note that at this time, we will not have lunchtime visitors or classroom party volunteers.


During the school day, all visitors must enter via the front door and sign-in at the front office. Visitors need to be prepared to present a government issued photo ID which will be scanned against the National Sex Offender Registry. All visitors will be issued a visitor badge/tag to be worn inside the building at all times.


During the school day, all volunteers are expected to sign in at the front office. Prior to the volunteer opportunity, all volunteers must sign a Non-disclosure Acknowledgement Form and have successfully completed a Full Criminal History Background Check. Necessary background check paperwork is available on the ZCS website at the Volunteers/BRAVO link and should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the intended volunteer date. Volunteers must also view the state mandated confidentiality/bullying video, provided on the Volunteer/BRAVO website. The volunteer will pay the fee* for the full background check which will expire after 5 years. The link to apply for the full background check can be accessed on the Volunteers/BRAVO link on the ZCS main webpage. For more information, contact the Volunteer/BRAVO Coordinator.


The linked document is the Covid Volunteer Waiver, which is new this year. This form must be filled out by every guest who enters our building. This is NOT a one-time form as it must be filled out every time a guest visits our school. You may print and bring this to the office with you or complete a copy when you arrive.

Transportation Notes:

Bus Transportation

School transportation is available for the 2021-2022 school year and routes will be at maximum capacity. We will likely have 2-3 students per seat. Students utilizing bus transportation for school, field trips, and athletic events will be required to wear a mask in accordance with current federal requirements for public transportation.

ZCS continues to experience high student enrollment growth, and is currently seeking interested candidates to serve our community as a professional driver for ZCS. Paid training and excellent benefits are available. Please click here to learn more about becoming a bus driver, or contact Amy Eaton, Transportation Manager at 317-873-1237.

GROW/ Child Care Options

GROW/Child Care Services

Eagle Rec

Bridge and Early Start Spanish are optional, fee based programs that “bridge” the time between the 7:50-8:00 arrival time for 1st-4th grade students, and the start of the instructional day for Kindergarten students, which is 8:50-9:00.

Before and After-School Care (BAC) is available for all Eagle students. Before school care begins at 6:45am and After school extends childcare from 2:30 to 6:00pm.

Eagle Rec offers fee based programs in a variety of interest areas, which typically start after school has already begun.

Now Hiring

Looking for a job that works with your child's school schedule? Eagle is hiring instructional assistants and cafeteria staff. Learn more and apply at:


The ZCS HR Department is currently hiring for the following positions: Food Service Associates, Instructional Assistants, Paraprofessionals, Bus Drivers, & Bus Aides. Information about these positions as well as in-person interviews will be offered at the following locations and times during Back-to-School Days:

· Monday, July 26

o 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm at Zionsville West Middle School

o 12:30 pm-4:00 pm at Zionsville Middle School

· Tuesday, July 27

o 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at Zionsville Community High School

o 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at Zionsville West Middle School

o 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm at Zionsville Middle School

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