Which Side Will You CHEWS?

Should gum be allowed in schools?

In most schools, chewing gum is outlawed. But what some administrators/teachers don't know is that chewing gum can enhance brain activity. Even though it might get stuck everywhere, under desks, on the floor, but there are several advantages to allowing gum in school.

The Advantages

It is scientifically proven that chewing gum can heighten concentration and focus. "... If [students] chew gum, the movement of the jaw can help keep students awake (To Chew or Not to Chew, paragraph two)". If students chew gum, they might do better in class, and be able to learn more. This would certainly contribute to the school, because they are producing high-performing students.

The Disadvantages

Some may argue that gum is found on the floor and under desks, which in unsanitary. "Nasty gum stuck in unlikely places is a nuisance for both teachers and students. Teachers and administrators alike say t is distracting, and it creates a janitorial nightmare. (To Chew or Not to Chew, paragraph one)". Even though chewing sugary gum can cause tooth decay, many gums consist of xylitol, which makes the gum sugar free.


So, even though gum can get messy, chewing gum can help children achieve more in school