Growing Teachers' Competencies

with ICT through Lesson Study

School Vision

Learn, care & make a difference

School's ICT Vision

Developing ICT competencies in pupils and staff to cultivate an environment which facilitates self-directed and collaborative learning to nurture caring Hillgrovians to make a difference.


  • Teacher to conduct at least one ICT-infused Lesson Study Research Lesson per year (whole-school approach)
  • ICT Mentors & Champions to coach teachers in the respective departments (build teachers' competencies)
  • Peer observations of Lesson Study (build teachers' competencies)


  • Creating platforms (e.g. staff/committee meetings, PD periods) to articulate the plan (enhance clarity in communication & create ownership)
  • Sharing of good practices by teachers for teachers (build teachers' competencies)
  • Conduct timely review of ICT Plan (close monitoring of processes)


  • Leaders to role model the use of ICT for T&L (allow teachers to see possibilities)
  • Pilot 1 to 1 computing with notebook and slate computers (increase accessibility of ICT resources)
  • Structured booking system for onsite technical support (increase teachers' confidence in use of ICT)


  • ICT Sharing during annual learning fest (celebrate small success & recognise good practices)
  • Conduct ICT reviews by getting input from all staff, to identify area(s) of improvement (build on the change & create shared ownership)
  • Conduct ICT needs analysis at department level (provide customised training to cater to teachers' needs)