Social Security Act

Est. August 14,1935

What was its purpose?

The SSA Program was intended to be and essentially still is today - a social insurance program.

Who was it for?

The act provided for unemployment, old age insurance, and means-tested welfare programs.

Relief, Reform, or Recovery?

The social security act is a relief for those who are elders and have retired. It is also a relief for other citizens, it helps by knowing that they have money saved up for when they get older and no-longer be able to work.
Social Security: Just the Facts

Social Security: Just the facts video

the video explains the basics of social security and how it works. it also provides other concerns that most people have. For an example in the situation of the baby boomers and how they might take all social security funds but, the video explains how they knew the day well come and are prepare.

IS this act successful?

YES, this act has been reliable for years. Even though most people are afraid that the baby boomers are gonna take it all the Social Security people insure us that they have every thing in control.

how it adds to the great depression

During the great depression everyone was going through a hard time even elders. therefor, Rooosevelt created this for those elders who don't work no more. to know that they where going to trouble in not being able to work is scary. the social security act is a great relief for them because most people would have not thought in helping the elders.