Javelin Throw

By: Maddie Hall


Javelin Throw is a track and field sport where a spear (javelin) is thrown. Usually, the person throwing, will gain momentum by getting a running start. Javelin Throw is a very old sport dating back to about 708 BC in the Pentathlon in the Ancient Olympic Games. Although it sounds very dangerous, it is only used for target practice.


I am writing this so I can find out when the women's and men's throwing distances will be the same, and how far that distance will be. They do not compete together but using linear regression and previous gold medal winning distances, I can compare the two and predict the distance of the competitors throws in a potential competition in the future.


Using linear regression and previous data, I can find trends in the men and women's performances to see which gender is dominating, and which gender will take over in the future. I can also see when one gender starts doing better than the other gender and vice versa.

Scatter Plot

The blue squares represent the males, and the pink x's represent the females.

Lines of Best Fit

Each of the lines represents the trend for the male and female Olympic Gold Medalist's. The blue line represents the men's and the red line represents the women's.


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The intersection is where/when the men and women's distances will be the same. Before, the men were outperforming the women, but after they will supposedly be the same, women will be outperforming the men.

The X Coordinate

The x coordinate (2094) represents what year the men's and women's distances will be the same. That means that I would be 92 years old when this would occur.

The Y Coordinate

The y coordinate represents how far both the women and men will throw the javelin. (When they are the same - in 2094).
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