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April 2022

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Dear Members,

I’ve been watching a lot more basketball this month. It is March Madness after all! I don’t just watch to be entertained. As a coach educator, I like watching the coaches most. Unfortunately, while some have demonstrated incredible poise and optimism under pressure, I’ve also seen some fold, showing their displeasure, frustration, irritation, and many other physical embodiments of how they were feeling. How then, will a coach’s team feel if their leader doesn’t remain upbeat and positive during the ups and downs that come with pressurized situations? Isn’t it likely that they will follow the attitude and behavior of their leader?

As leaders, regardless of what profession, the same might be said of us. If you’re reading this, you’re likely a leader or aspire to do more. Tough situations will happen. You may not always be successful. But, the attitude and approach you display during these challenges will be the example for those around you. You can either drag others down or pull them up. “Set the tone” is a coaching phrase but has real relevance for those of us who lead. So, as we roll into the end of the semester, let’s set a tone that provides hope, resilience, positivity, and confidence to keep building.

Hope to see you all at either the Department Head Certification Training or Leader Development Workshop in July!

Timothy Baghurst

NAKHE President

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Meet our New NAKHE Member: Dr. Marcus Johnson, EdD

Originally from Norman Oklahoma, Marcus moved to Dallas Texas in 2008 to get his teaching certification in History to teach high school history and coach high school football. He chose to pursue a Master of Education in Kinesiology from Dallas Baptist University. While working on his Master's at DBU, he started working at St. Philips School and Community Center in South Dallas where he was able to utilize creative freedom in his physical education classes and was responsible for the physical education classes for first grade to 6th Grade. Provided age/grade appropriate lessons for each grade and differentiated instruction for each student. Focused on skill development for first to third grade students, and developing game and sports strategy for the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Provided basic sports knowledge, helped to develop sportsmanship, and teamwork with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. Provided literacy and S.T.E.A.M. opportunities for all levels of my physical education classes.

In August of 2019 Marcus got a position at Jarvis Christian College as the lead professor in the Kinesiology department. At Jarvis, Marcus has taught Biomechanics, Motor Learning, Test and Measurements, Adaptive Physical Education, and Teaching Physical Education. He is the advisor to the Jarvis Christian College Kinesiology club. He is in the process of helping to restructure and upgrade the current Kinesiology program by moving the program from a general kinesiology degree to various disciplines, Sports performance, exercise science, exercise science pre-physical therapy, exercise science athletic training, and sports management. He has designed courses for the Jarvis Online Kinesiology Program; Concepts of Fitness, Biomechanics, Motor Learning, Officiating 1, Testing and Measurements as well as advising and registering students.

Marcus completed his Doctorate degree in Education; Curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in Kinesiology in August of 2021. Dr. Betty Block, who served on Mr. Johnson's dissertation committee invited him to become a part of the NAHKE organization. Marcus joined in NAHKE in 2021 where he hopes to increase his knowledge on how to create an effective kinesiology department in higher education as well as utilize NAHKE resources to improve upon instruction and provide assorted opportunities for his students. Welcome, Marcus!

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