Personality Type: The Colors Orange

by Rachael Geisler

Overview of My Color

Someone with my color is spontaneous, optimistic, eager, bold, generous, impactful, and physical. They are happy people who like to have fun. They are very active and in sports. They stand out to people because they can make a change. They are also the type of people who can make you smile.

Childhood and Relationships

In childhood, they learned by doing and experiencing rather than listening and reading. They needed physical involvement in the learning process and was motivated by their own natural competitive nature and sense of fun. In relationships, they like to have common interests in activities and interests. They like to explore new ways to energize the relationship and need to be bold, they thrive on physical contact. They enjoy giving outstanding gifts.


At work, they are bored and restless. They like careers that let them be independent. They are natural performers.

Leadership Styles

Oranges expect quick action, they like to work in the here and now. They have a flexible approach and welcome change. They expect people to make it fun.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

On a bad day, oranges tend to be rude. They break the rules on purpose. They run away and drop out. They lie, cheat and are physically aggressive.

Thoughts About my Color

I was a mix of orange and blue but I think that I am mainly an orange. I like to learn by doing hands-on activities, I hate reading and listening. At school I am bored and restless, I like to be independent when I work. I do expect quick action, if I want to do something then I have to do it right now. I am kind of flexible and I am okay with change. I am pretty rude when I am having a bad day, I do intentionally break the rules. I try to get rid of my problems. I don't think that I would go and beat up someone if I were having a bad day though.
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