Central African Repulic

Natalie Nunez



In the Central African republic, the religion of the president is favored. People of another religion will not be given as many right or resources. Women and children also have close to no rights. Rebels usually cause mayhem. They will sexually abuse women and children, while others are at risk of being attacked. This is why there is so much violence in the Central African Republic. In the American Civil War, religion was not an issue. They were fighting over the freedom of slaves. The people in C.A.R also want freedom, though.

Precursor Events

There are many disagreements over religion, so this is why there is a lot of rebellion and violence. Francois Bozize is Christian, which means that Christians were treated better. Many women and children still aren’t given many rights, though. This reminds me of the Dred Scott case because even though they may believe they are free, they are still not treated equally.


The president in 2013 (the year the Civil War was happening) was Francois Bozize. Government was not a priority to him. He would give lots of money to his own family, instead of supporting the people of C.A.R. He is a Christian president, which means that any Muslims were not treated as fairly. The presidents in C.A.R are always changing, so there is a lot of change that leads to Civil War. The citizens of C.A.R hope for a president that will stop all of this violence. In the U.S. leaders are more concerned about the government than their personal desires. They also don’t rule based off of religion.
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Arms and Army

During the Civil War, the Christians had the advantage. They use guns, sticks and machetes. The Christians are with the government, though, which is why they have an advantage. The Muslims are the rebels.

Resources and Technology

Not many people in the Central African use technology. The amount of people who use technology was described as 4:100. There is a food shortage most likely for the Muslims. Of course there are Christians who struggle, but Muslims are not the favored religion. Mostly the government has access to the internet and cell phones.


President Francois Bozize says that he wants to make alliances with neighbouring countries. C.A.R is associated with Human Rights. If the other country were to get into a Civil War, this would cause even more violence for C.A.R.


Everyday there are rebels that will go against the government. This causes a lot of violence, and innocent people are pulled into the crossfire of this war. Civil Wars relate to problems in society because they start with a disagreement. There are many arguments in our everyday lives, but you have to be able to solve them. These arguments lead to Civil Wars.


The Arts

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The Arts

The music they listen to is folk or music that is jazz-like. They listen to western rock and pop music, too. In poetry and songs, the lyrics can be used to show emotion. This is a way that people could tell their story. Drawings could also tell a story, depending on what they are supposed to be.