Nutritional Value

Kate Quintero


1. Quaker Oats

-Made with 100% whole grain oats.

-Help keeps you full in the morning.

-Sodium free.

-Used as a healthy ingredient for many recipes.

-serving size 1/2 cup

-3 grams of fat

-5 grams of protein


-Valued for their fiber content.

-improves control of bloody sugar and insulin secretion.

-you consume less food when you have chickpeas in your diet because it's a supplement.

-you can obtain health benefits from chickpeas.

-provides a great source of nutrients

-lowers the rick of colon cancer

-decreases cardiovascular risks

-great source of protein


What are the nutritional differences in milk chocolate and dark chocolate?

-Dark chocolate is the most health advantageous of all different types of chocolate.

-Studies have even proven that it may help blood flow more freely to the brain.

-The antioxidants and flavanoids that are also found in dark chocolate have been associated with lowering the risk of cancer and helping to regulate cholesterol.

-Benefits of dark chocolate include lowering blood pressure, fortifying the cardiovascular system and helping to control glucose metabolism.

- Due to the higher milk content in the milk chocolate there is a bit more calcium and protein than dark chocolate.

- Milk chocolate has a slightly higher dairy fat and calorie content.

-Milk chocolate has a smoother, sweeter and creamier texture than dark chocolate.

-Milk chocolate uses milk powder or condense milk to make the chocolate creamier and sweeter.