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Weetons food hall harrogate

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At Weetons we are the purveyors of fine food & drink. Our ethos lays in our unerring passion for premium produce, supplied by a select few, small-scale, high-quality independent producers (the more local the better). Yet we also know that in order to satisfy the desires of our discerning customers we need to search further afield for those extra-special products that make the Weetons experience so unique. As such you will find our shelves brimming with an abundance of world food products specifically sourced to complement and enhance our local offering. But whether from near or far one thing you can be certain, the provenance of all we offer is second to none as we take pride in knowing, not only where it has come from but also who has produced it. And here are just a few of our trusted, premium suppliers to whet your appetite.