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M Powerment Strategies


Students experience a personalized and differentiated learning environment, based on class and individual data, to ensure student understanding through remediation, instruction, and enrichment.


  • Data Walls!
  • Guided reading and math groups
  • Daily Five
  • Using TenMarks and RazKids (plus so many more)
  • Intervention strategies
  • MTSS
  • This list just brushes the surface!

Click here for more information about our M-Powerment Strategies.

TOP TEN TOOL FOCUS: SymbalooEDU and TenMarks

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Have you used Discovery Ed.'s research-based Spotlight on Strategies or S.O.S. Puppet Pictures, a strategy given below, is one of them. There are so many of them! The strategies can be filtered by grade level, skill, resources used, or lesson materials. Check out the link above to see more.

Puppet Pictures

Puppet Pictures is a teaching strategy that helps students connect with new vocabulary and concepts by encouraging them to select representative images and narrate their learning. Students engage deeply with the content and process through the use of visuals and narration.

Skills: Assessment, Instructional Hook, Key Ideas and Details, Sequence, Summarizing, Vocabulary Development

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Barbara Moose (Lauren's sub) and I are available to help you in any way. If you would like to learn a new tool or just brush up on one you've used before, check us out. If you would like help with a project in your classroom, check us out. If you would like for us to meet and plan with you, check us out. Following are some things with which we can help.

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