Concentration Camps

Lily Adams Academic 3

The horrors of the concentration camps are know to many, but if you don't know, then keep reading. Concentration camps killed or detained Jews under harsh conditions. The camps soon became the Jews home quickly. By the end of the war, 22 main camps had been set up to house the Jewish people. Nazis also set up special camps to kill the Jews at. The camps were bad places to be forced to stay at and the Jews were treated horribly in these places.

Extermination camps killed three million Jews, which is half of the Jews that were killed in the Holocaust. Out of 22 main camps, six of them were extermination camps. The text states that Chelmno, Majdanek, Auschwitz-Berkenau, Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec were the six extermination camps the Nazis set up. Out of the six camps, Chelmno was the first to appear. Every camp had different levels of technology, but Auschwitz-Berkenau was the only one marked with high technology. The extermination camps had different methods of killing the Jewish people too. The main method of killing them was gas chambers. They would send groups of men, women, and children into a room that they would flood with gas. Another thing they did was fill a room full of people with exhaust from trucks. The other thing they did was shoot people in "camp hospitals." Out of the extermination camps, Auschwitz-Berkenau was the largest killing center. The extermination camps were brutal and they killed every Jew that they could get their hands on.

The Jewish people lived under harsh conditions and were murdered because one person wanted them dead. Lots of different camps were set up. Every Jew suffered or died at every camp that was built. The extermination camps killed 3 million Jews and they killed them in cruel ways. Concentration camps were horrible and brutal to Jews. They were murdered mercilessly and suffered a lot. From now on,everyone shall remember the horrors of the Nazis concentration camps.