How it Went Down

By Kekla Magoon



The Main Character, Tariq. In the beginning in the story, he got shot in the chest. It was cloudy at the time, it was late afternoon, also in a park. There were other characters such as Noodles and Brick. The Best of Friends yet one of them hated Tariq of his selfishness.


In the Middle of the story of "How it Went Down." It had lots of drama. So much I couldn't even tell what was going on. There were many side characters that meant dearly to Tariq witht their backstories.




Tyrell was also another character in the story. He was Tariq's best friend. He felt sad for Tariq but he was happy that Tariq had a good life. He had a knife as to remember or to symoblize Tariq. But he threw it away saying goodbye to it forever.

Brick and Noodles

Noodles was a really good friends with Tariq and stuck with him to the end and kept Tariq's pride. By fighting bad people such as Brick. Brick hated Tariq making his girlfriend Tina cry. Tina was siblings with Tariq so she had it hard. For Tariq's Death. Brick and Noodles had a fight at the end of the story though Tina wanted them to stop. But it had to be settled.


In the story a character named Tariq was killed and he was loved and hated from his friends. Some didn't care as like they felt they didn't want him to exist. Brick hated Tariq because his death made his girlfriend cry. His girlfriend was the sister of Tariq. So that's why Brick was mad at Tariq.

Main Part

Main Conflict

The main conflict of the story is that Noodles and Brick get into a fight at the end of the story because they were fighting over Tariq's Death. The theme of this story is "Fight what that is even worth fighting For."


I would strongly recommend this book because it teaches about life, shows you that when something that is precious to you. You get all worked up for it. I wouldn't promise that you would cry to all this sadness. Also there are many strong language in this book. If you don't like bad words then don't read it or just ignore it.

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