Treadmill India

Simple methods to Know More about Getting Into Shape with A Treadmill from Afton?

If you have been worried about getting into shape and don’t know the right way yet, Afton brings the best opportunity for you. Offering a wide array of motorized treadmills online, Afton makes it easier to buy treadmill online.

How To Know More About Afton?

Often being recognized as the best fitness equipment company, Afton takes pride in having a better understanding of treadmills. With the zeal to bring the passion of understanding treadmill into people’s lives, the company enables you enhance your fitness level. Besides enabling you to walk or run, the company also makes it possible for you to build endurance, burn fat, get the blood moving and stay away from aging.

Why Should Not You Buy Any Other Brand Products Except Afton?

• Treadmill Gait Analysis: Afton takes pride in doing the Treadmill India gait analysis in a bid to have a better understanding about the process of transfer of energy while walking or running.

• A Brand That Cares: Afton makes sure that you maintain the right posture while running and your knees are protected.

• Investment In Biomechanics: Even though there are hundreds of treadmills available in the market, Afton invests in Biomechanics. They ensure that the bio feedback console provides you with the right information with an easy user interface.

What Are The Treadmills Offered By Afton?

In a bid to cater to the need of purchasing treadmills for different purpose, Afton offers mainly three types of treadmills online in India.


• 3HP Peak DC Motor

• 16 inch belt

• Multi LCD 5 Window display - Distance, Calories, Time, Speed, Program

• Incline Manual 3 Level


• 4HP Peak DC Motor

• 18 inch belt

• LCD with Back Light

• Power Incline 0 - 10%


• 5HP Peak DC Motor

• 20 inch belt

• Power Incline 0 -15%

• Extra wide deck