Fall Safety

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Data and Prevention

Falls are very dangerous injuries. They are among the most common causes of work related deaths and injuries. Falls can happen to anyone, and no matter how tall the height, a fall can be fatal.

2009 data from the Bureau of Labor, 605 workers were killed, while an estimated 212,760 were seriously injured.

In 2011, about 22.900 older adults died from unintentional fall injuries.

You can do simple things to prevent falls in your home, such as keeping electrical cords out of the way, and keeping objects in an easy to reach distance. Keep small objects off the floor to ensure that there is a clear path to walk.

At work, the prevention may include safety harnesses, hand rails and guard rails.

First Aid of Fall Victims

1. Assess the scene and determine if an ambulance is needed.

2. If needed, call an ambulance. There may be unseen damage.

3. Unless the airway is compromised, do not move the patient. Moving the patient may cause lasting damage to the spinal cord and other valuable body parts.

4. Check the patient for bleeding and broken bones. Control bleeding if possible.

5. Keep the patient calm, and keep the patient from moving, especially their head.

Jeff Hardy fell off of the steel cage while filming. Most of Hardy's friends and family were concerning for his health because, from the look of, it was a bad fall. While no serious injuries are evident and he will wrestle in the future, it reminds everyone how important fall safety is. Many are telling Hardy that his health is more important than his stunts, but he doesn't seem to listen. Most doctors say he should be able to get back with wrestling in February.