May 2018

FAST Referrals Close May 21st

FAST will stop accepting referrals on May 21st and all referrals will officially closed by June 8th. This year we served 589 students.

Referral Closed-Modified Strong Start?

Teachers may have noticed students referrals being closed with Modified Strong Start. Choosing this option, flags the student for additional summer support or identifies FAST to look at the student more closely for next school year. If you have any questions, please reach out to your grade level FASL.

Tier 4 Meetings

Due to the closeness of end of school, each Tier 4 meeting will be highly evaluated by FAST and Admin in regards to next school year. At this time, it would be a disservice to w/d students. FAST members will continue to support students and discuss each T4 case and frequency for end of school review. FAST would like to thank all teachers who continuously send updates to the FAST team regarding lack of engagement at each tier.

May 14th Students Flagged for Summer Support

All May 14th students will be put on the FAST summer support list and will be expected to attended a refresher orientation before starting the new school year.

Summer Support with FAST

FAST is excited to be implementing summer support classes and videos and so much more for our students and families.

Such as:

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Learning Coach Masters!