Character Texturing and Rendering

By Tara Tote

Base Mesh Renders

Pre Visualization Play-blast

This presentation of my character is to show the intensity of the scene and the character. She is a tight rope walker so the main focus is on her and it is to appear as though she is balancing. The main focus with this camera movement is my character because she is going to be the main focus with 4 spotlights on her, most of the surrounding area will be black.
female character1

Colour Pallets

The colours you see here are the ones that are going to set the mood with the colours of lights, it is showing the colours that are going to accent the colours of the outfit. The colours I have chosen are bright and exotic and thats exactly what I want my character to be. Some of the chosen colours here will also be put into the make up of the character to make it pop even more. All in all, the background of my scene is a rather dark one so with the help of these colours you won't lose the character and it will really contrast the two.

Texture Examples

Final Render

Tight Rope Walker


The piece I believe turned out almost perfectly and extremely close to how I pictured it would look. The model herself is in a tight suit with a black stripe going down the side and is supposed to have the latex and rubber look to it. Her boots turned out rubbery and red which was the main point i really wanted to focus on her boots, and her gloves are a black rubber so they are a little more simplistic. The tutu was supposed to be a more exotic looking skirt and is filled with lots of colours. I finished the head off with a speedo latex swim cap and lots of face makeup. I gave her a clown face to match the rest of the theme. I really enjoyed her eyes and how they turned out. My lighting actually turned out the way I wanted it to, I wanted a darker looking scene in order to show that when someone is up on the tight rope they are all alone, it is just her and the rope. My inspiration was from the cirque du soleil and I believe it worked well as a guideline.