Youtube Channels of 2013

Top 5


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Tobuscus is a popular Youtube channel that does song parodies, gaming videos, and blogs. This channel is currently the 40th most subscribed channel on Youtube. Toby Turner has two other accounts which are TobyGames and TobyTurner. This channel is in my list because Toby makes me laugh out loud until I am gasping for air.

The Diamond Minecart

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The Diamond Minecart made it into my list beacuse I love watching his Mod showcases/reviews. Like Tobuscus he makes me laugh a lot. He has also inspired me with my Youtube videos.

Rooster Teeth

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Rooster Teeth is a channel I would highly recommend for people to watch because of the humor. I know the videos have very bad language but the humor runs along with it to make people laugh. In 2013 Rooster Teeth was celebrating their 10 year anniversary. The best series I have watched from Rooster Teeth is Red vs Blue.

Let's Play

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Let's Play is a channel that is supported by Rooster Teeth. These people work for the company Rooster Teeth and are also known as Achievement Hunter. This channel made my list because they are very funny and give you a good laugh on every video of theirs. One day I would like to work with these people but time will tell.


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This channel is my number 1 because xboxgamer30100 is me. I love the ability to record Minecraft, Happy Wheels, and many more videos. The channels in my top 5 inspired me to make Youtube videos and that has turned out very well.