How the immune system protects you: Rylan and Addy

Major organs of the Immune system

level of orginization

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Disease Blood Cells

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The organ system helps maintain homeostasis because it fights diseases and illnesses. It keeps the body healthy and energetic. If the immune system fails, disease can infiltrate the body and hurt your health. There is nothing to fight the disease so your death risk goes up. For example, your immune system fights off a cold. It attacks the cold and keeps your body healthy.

Relating Systems

The main relating system is the circulatory system. The immune system uses blood cells to fight of diseases. The circulatory moves the blood cells around the body helping fight off the disease any where in the body. Another system is the Integumentary system. It is a protective boundary that protects the body first. If the foreign substance can get past the integumentary system, then the immune system starts fighting as well.