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Im just a lonely girl in this lonely world trying to stand up for whats right. I am not "yes man" type of person, meaning I wont tell you what you want to hear, I'll tell you the truth instead. I am hated by many because I wont bow down to men who think they are more powerful than me.

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I think its pretty sad that you don't feel guilty after killing your own family and not feeling guilty at all. At the end of the day karma will get you, and you will feel the pain that others felt when you didn't care.
A man should never think he can control women whenever her wants just because he has more power
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If you're weak enough to let your father come between us, then I don't want you. I want a man who can stand up for what's right and doesn't have fear of what will happen if he speaks his mind. Guess there isn't anyone like that around here...

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I will die for whats right and not for my actions. I am doing this not for myself, but to encourage those who are scared to speak up and do the right thing.
All of you will realize what I've done for you, but once you realize, it will be too late to say thank you because I will be long gone...
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Please ignore my fathers ignorance, don't let him come between us, I will always have love for you no matter how much he dislikes you.

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Hey sis, I am truly sorry that I didn't help much at all. This is all my fault, if I would've joined you more people would've spoke out against Creon and he would be over thrown.