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Getting To Know Your Team

Welcome to the team Owlistas!!! The opportunity before you is a once in a lifetime opportunity and your future is so bright! No dream is too big!!

We are growing at such an incredible speed and achieving amazing things!

I, along with your mentor, are so excited to get you started and helping you achieve your goals. First and foremost...ALWAYS go to your mentor with any questions you may have. Let her help you, it gives her the opportunity to learn and be the best mentor she can be. :) If she is unable to answer your question she will then refer to her mentor and so forth. This is one of Origami Owl's Golden Rule! :)

To view your direct lineage refer to your back office under Organization. Click on Designers and it will give you a list of all your upline.

Here are the lists of the Leaders in our lineage:

Me(Malinda Mitchell) Executive Team Leader

Lori Walenga Executive Team Leader

Laura Ausbrooks Executive Team Leader

Melissa Ghane Director

Rochelle Britton Senior Director

Kristine Stevens Senior Director and direct from corporate

You will receive a few Monthly Newsletters from some of these ladies listed above. Make sure to stay up to date with them so, you can see all the achievements and any training's that will be held.

Excited to have you join our team!!!!

Malinda Mitchell

Executive Team Leader

Origami Owl Compensation Plan....How We Get Paid

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What To Do FIRST

  • Open a separate Checking/Business account. This is very important to do!! You want to keep all of your business expenses and income separate from your day to day spending, bills, and other income. Whenever someone pays you you will deposit all money and checks (written to YOU) to your OO account. This way when you go to enter the orders you will use YOUR credit card to PAY for the orders.
  • You can ONLY buy your business cards through flyersdirect. Here is the link www.flyersdirect.com/origamiowl There are many designs to choose from. :)
  • Google Chrome or Fire Fox work best when accessing Origami Owl website and the Back Office. The tech team is working diligently to make browsing our website and accessing out back office more effective and efficient!! Make sure to download either Google Chrome or Firefox so, you can access your website and back office with NO problems. :)
  • Advertise Yourself and your Product!! Getting your name out there to let people know you an Origami Owl Designer is a very important step to starting your business off with a BANG!! Prepare for your Launch/Open House Party by sending out invites (Plan your party about 2 weeks after you become a Designer. This allows you time to get your kit, gather your Jewelry Bar items, and effectively advertise your party). Communicate with your mentor when you will have your Launch...if she is able she will be there to help you.
  • COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR MENTOR!! It is very important to keep lines of communication open to your mentor. She is there to help you start off your business successfully. You will report to her first before asking other designers. It not only helps maintain a good relationship with your mentor but, also keeps you from getting possible false/confusing/conflicting information. OO Policy is to always go to your mentor when needing help, if she can't answer your question, she will ask her mentor and so forth.

Helpful Tips To Prepare For Your First Jewelry Bar

  • Find items for your Jewelry Bar *photos below for Jewelry Bar inspirations* also here are 2 websites I use to purchase trays and tray inserts to display the charms, dangles, plates, and tagged items. www.nilecorp.com and www.gemsondisplay.com Other items I have found at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, etc. HAVE fun designing your Jewelry Bar!! Remember to keep it OO style ;)
  • Shadow your mentor at one of her Jewerly Bars.
  • Go through the checklist below to make sure you are prepared for your Jewelry Bar
  • Have your credit card reader so you can take payment with major credit cards, if needed. (Make sure it is linked to your OO bank account)

Things You Will Need for Your Jewelry Bar




Charms/2-Trays/count of charms





Display Items (Owls, Neck Forms, Dangle Display, dishes, catalogue holders, signs/frames)

Current Backorder List


Notebook with sleeves for completed Order Forms

Zipper Pouch for Money

Planner/Calendar for bookings;)))

Tablecloth –either black or the Origami Owl Blue

Pens/Pen Case

Catalogs/Take Out Menus

Order Forms/Clipboards (4)

Business Cards from Flyersdirect.com/origamiowl

Payanywhere™ Card Reader or Square Up

Hostess Packets: Hostess Letter, Locket Steps, Hostess Guide, Hostess Rewards, O2 Points of Difference, Join Our Team, 5 order forms, a couple catalogs and a business card.

TEAM Packets: Join Our Team, O2 Points of Difference, Career Plan, Designer Rewards, DIW's Do's & Don'ts, and business card.

Inventory List of product for Event/Jewelry Bar

Sales Total Worksheet

Door Prize/Hostess Gift/Misc

You will find all documents in your Back Office under the Resource Tab.