Elmwood Update

November 19, 2021

Students will Learn from Home on November 22nd & 23rd!

Monday November 22nd and Tuesday, November 23rd will be asynchronous learning days. Students are responsible for completing work asynchronously both days. Teachers are responsible for posting assignments in Google Classroom or sending home paper/pencil assignments on Friday, November 19th.


We hope you have a restful Thanksgiving Holiday. Thinking about our Elmwood family, I am so very thankful to work with the best parents, kids, and staff I know. I appreciate your support, the students' hard work and boundless enthusiasm, and our teaching and support staff's tireless dedication to making our learning community great. Enjoy your holiday. --Mrs. Abraham


We've had quite a few cars pull into the daycare pickup area during dismissal every day. This causes a problem for the daycare providers who are on a tight schedule between all of the Elementary Schools in town. If you are picking up your child from school, please be patient, turn right, and use the pick up "loop" as described in this newsletter. Once we get moving, dismissal goes smoothly and quickly! Thank you for your help with this!

Picking Up Kids Early...

Please remember that when picking up your child early from school, we will need to see your current (valid) photo ID. This is just one of our procedures to ensure the safety of children at Elmwood Elementary. Thank you so much for your support!

Elmwood Elementary School

Title 1

Virtual Parent Information Session

Elmwood Elementary is a Title 1 School!!

It is our goal that every child should have the opportunity to attain his/her full potential!

Please View Elmwood Title 1 Meeting presentation and/or recording and Share Feedback:

To access the parent input survey click here

To access the meeting agenda click here

For more information about Title 1 click here

Elmwood Family Engagement Policy click here (Spanish version click here)

Elmwood Parent-Compact click here (Spanish version click here)

Hosted by:

Gwen Abraham Tom Price Chelsi Baxter Gina Wilson

Building Principal Assistant Principal Title 1 Literacy Coach Family Engagement Coordinator

gmabraham@ghbulldogs.org tprice@ghbulldogs.org cbaxter@ghbulldogs.org gwilsons@ghbulldogs.org

It's Getting Cold Outside!

Now that the weather is changing, please make sure your child is appropriately dressed for the winter months. This means warm jackets, hats, scarves, and gloves when necessary. As long as the temperature is above 32 degrees, we will be going outside for recess. We have found quite a few articles of clothing that are missing their owners. If your child has lost a sweater or jacket, please encourage him or her to check our lost and found. Thanks!
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Elmwood Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

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Drop-Off & Pick-Up:


· From 113th Street, turn RIGHT onto the Elmwood property

· Follow the curve around (we call this “the Loop”), staying in the RIGHT LANE

· Pull up your car as far as you can go. Please DO NOT leave large gaps between cars. Also, Please be mindful not to block the crosswalk!

· Have your child exit quickly and safely from the right hand side of the vehicle. Your child will see the painted walkway where he or she can safely walk into the school

· The left hand lane is a car pass-through lane. Once your child is safely dropped off, you may merge into the left lane to leave the drop off area.

· At the end of “The Loop”, turn RIGHT as traffic is ONE WAY. Turn LEFT onto 114th Street to leave the property


· Follow the directions listed above for entering the Elmwood Property

· Refer to the picture below to see where your child will be waiting for you

· Have your child enter your car via the right hand side. One your child is safely inside, you may merge into the left hand lane to leave the pick-up area

· At the end of “The Loop”, turn RIGHT as traffic is ONE WAY. Turn LEFT onto 114th Street to leave the property

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