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Completing Hours

Many of our students have completed or are almost finished with their accelerated instruction hours. We are making changes to advisory schedules for students to return to a regular advisory or to switch to a different needed content area.

Students will receive emails about their schedule changes, and can check Skyward on Monday (April 18) to see their updated advisory period.

Saturday EOC Review Sessions

We had several students come to campus on Saturday, April 2nd for review sessions in English I, English II and Algebra.

We are hosting an additional Algebra review session on Saturday, April 30th from 9:00-11:30. Snacks and lunch will be provided. Sign up here!

9th Grade ALC Meeting Updates

Over the summer, MISD middle and high schools facilitated Accelerated Learning Committee (ALC) meetings for incoming 9th grade students who did not pass the Reading and/or Math STAAR test as an 8th grader. One requirement of HB4545 is that we reconvene these meetings if a student does not pass their current EOC exam. Scores will be available at the end of May 2022; campuses will be in touch regarding a new ALC meeting if necessary.
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What is HB 4545?

House Bill 4545 recently passed in the 87th Regular Legislative Session. The new statute is effective, as of June 2021, with acceleration instruction practices required during the 2021-2022 school year for all students, based on STAAR/EOC results from Spring 2021.

Specifically, a student who did not pass their STAAR or EOC scores in Spring/Summer 2021 are required to receive 30 hours of accelerated instruction per tested area during the 2021-2022 school year.

To read the exact language of the bill, you can access HB 4545 through the LegiScan website.

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What is Accelerated Instruction?

For any student who does not pass the STAAR test in grades 3–8 or STAAR (EOC) end-of-course assessments, clarification of prior accelerated instruction requirements, specifying that it must include either:
  • Being assigned a classroom teacher who is a certified master, exemplary, or recognized teacher or
  • Receiving supplemental instruction (tutoring) before or after school, or embedded in the school day.
Accelerated instruction has specific requirements laid out by the state:

  • Delivers targeted TEKS-aligned instruction for the applicable grade level and subject area(s)
  • Is provided for no less than 30 hours total
  • If a student does not pass STAAR grades 3–8 or EOC assessment, 30 hours of accelerated instruction must be provided for each subject area.
  • Is designed to assist the student in achieving satisfactory performance in the applicable grade level and subject area(s)
  • Utilizes effective instructional materials designed for supplemental instruction 4
  • Is delivered in a small group environment, with no more than 3 students in a small group (or in a larger ratio with permission from all parents or guardians connected to students in the group)
  • Is provided by an individual with training in aligned instructional materials and under the district’s oversight
  • To the extent possible, is provided by one person for the entirety of the student’s supplemental instruction period

Midlothian High School Accelerated Instruction Plan

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When will accelerated instruction be offered?

During School - Advisory

MHS is utilizing our 30 minute daily advisory to help students earn their hours during the school day. We will schedule all students to attend advisory with a content-specific educator who can provide consistent support for students.

For students who need accelerated instruction in more than one subject, MHS will set up six week rotations for students who need support specifically in reading/math and science/social studies.

Outside School Hours

MHS is working to recruit teachers to provide AI on a few Saturdays throughout the school year. These extra sessions will support students who require a smaller group or who need extra opportunities to earn hours in more than one subject. We are currently setting up staffing for these sessions.

Recognized Teacher

If your student is enrolled in a teacher's class who is a certified master, exemplary or recognized teacher, your student will not be required to receive additional accelerated instruction hours for that specific subject.

MHS Progress Monitoring Measures

MAP Testing and Benchmark Assessments

We will be using NWEA MAP testing at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to identify areas of need to specifically provide skills-based instruction catered to your student's needs. We will also use the EOC benchmarks administered throughout the year to measure student progress.

Formative Assessments

Every few weeks, teachers will formatively assess their students on the specific skills they are working on using a variety of district resources. These smaller "quick checks" will help teachers cater students' accelerated instruction appropriately.

Common Questions

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What will my student be doing during accelerated instruction?

Teachers and tutors will be using a variety of resources to provide accelerated instruction. Depending on the skills being addressed, AI will be a differentiated approach of the following:

  • 1-on-1 or small group instruction
  • Group or independent practice
  • Online modules or practice

AI will be TEKS-based and will support your student in their grade level/content area.

What AI opportunities are provided by MHS outside of school hours?

We will be providing AI on several Saturdays throughout the school year. For students who need more than 30-60 hours of accelerated instruction, this will be an excellent opportunity to get extra practice and work on their hours.

How can I look at my student's EOC/STAAR scores?

We have created a resource to help you with this. Follow these simple steps to access your student's scores and view their specific state assessment report card.

How will my student's hours be tracked?

We will be tracking both the hours of accelerated instruction and the progress they are making. We will be using Skyward during the day to track their advisory hours, and will be using a Google Sheet to specifically track what students are working on each day. We will also use this Google Sheet during AI outside of school hours.

Will AI affect my student's schedule?

One of the legal stipulations of HB 4545 is that we will not be taking students out of their classes. We currently have a 30 minute advisory built in to each student's schedule that is separate from their 4th period classes. Although your student's advisory teacher will likely change, it will not affect their schedule in any other way.

What happens if my student passes their EOC in the fall/spring?

If a student passes their EOC during the school year, they no longer have to complete their 30 hours. For example, if a student failed English I EOC in the spring, but passes English I in the fall, they no longer have to earn hours for English I.

Why haven’t I received any information prior to implementation?

We have tried our best to contact each and everyone through Skyward. We’ve had to make a few changes to our list recently, so our apologies if you did not receive our prior email. Let us know and we can add you to our mail list.

My student is a 9th grader and is supposed to have accelerated instruction in a certain subject, but isn’t scheduled for it. Why did this happen?

In the HB4545 law, there is a provision that states that if a student is scheduled to be in a recognized, master, or exemplary teacher’s classroom, this instruction counts as accelerated. Reach out to us and we can confirm whether this is the case.

Other questions? Email me or call me! I will update this document as things change or we learn new information.

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