November 4, 2022


November 8: STEAM Night, 6:00-7:00 PM

November 8-10 3rd grade field trip (Charlton Park):

Nov. 8: Jurkowski/VanLuyn

Nov. 9: Sweet/Shafer

Nov. 10: Hoskins/Tetreault/ Koopman

November 11: End of Trimester 1

November 14: Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 PM at Pine Street Elementary

November 21: WEPA Meeting, 6:30 PM at Steeby Elementary

November 23-25: NO SCHOOL

December 2: WEPA Movie Night, 6:30-8:30 PM at Steeby Elementary Gym

December 12: Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 PM at Wayland Union High School

December 19-January 2: NO SCHOOL

Principal's Corner

Dear Steeby Families,

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are closing out our first trimester of the 2022-2023 school year on November 11. Report cards will be posted on the Parent Portal on Friday, November 18. There is always a lot of learning happening in each of our classrooms here at Steeby. Students have started their reading and math intervention groups and they are getting what they need each day. We refer to the interventions as W.I.N. because we believe it is very important for each student to get exactly What I Need for math and reading.

We are continuing to focus on learning and practicing appropriate behaviors at school. Teachers have been working on ensuring positive behavior is rewarded with positive rewards. Students collect Supercat Tickets for exhibiting expected behaviors and they are then able to shop at our school store and purchase things with their tickets. Ask your child what it means to be a Supercat!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s education.

Yours in education,

Christina Johnson


Walk-A-Thon Classroom Reward

Mrs. Jurkowski's 3rd grade class were the top fund raisers at Steeby this year. As a reward the class got to silly string Ms. Johnson, Steeby Elementary Principal. The students had a great time with their silly string, as can be seen by all the big smiles in the photo.

We want to thank everyone who raised funds and also those who gave. Your support of our students means the world to us!

Big picture
Big picture

Physical Education Fun

Thank you for sharing all of the awesome things that your family enjoys doing together to stay active! We are filling up our fitness room with all of your family FUN!

We are starting our basketball unit this month. We will be learning the importance of teamwork as well!

Remember when you fall back your clocks it's important to note that children should receive more quality sleep as they continue to grow. Limiting screen time before bedtime and increased physical activity during the day promotes better sleep. Also, having a regular routine helps children fall asleep at night. At this age, 9 to 11 hours is the goal! Sleep well Wildcats!

Don't forget to...

*Drink lots of water (at least 5 cups a day for kiddos)

*Get outside and be active!

*Eat a healthy snack

*Give yourself a break from screen time

*Wash your hands thoroughly

*Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night


Congrats to our following students for athlete of the week! The requirements in receiving athlete of the week are to

Be respectful

Be safe

Be a good sport

Show effort

1. Kace Kingsbury

2. Natalie Wright

3. Orrie Veltman

4. Damyan Born

5. Gabby Dingman

As report cards are approaching we want to remind ALL students to try their best and participate in gym.

Notes from Music

Greetings from Music! The month of October has certainly gone fast in the music room. We have been reviewing music notes that we know and melody (solfege) words that we know. We are also learning some new music notes and melody words. Both 2nd and 3rd graders sang fall songs and used tone chimes with the songs. We have been moving our bodies to simple songs also. And since it was October we had fun singing Halloween songs and using boomwhackers. The 3rd graders got a special treat for Halloween by using glow sticks as rhythm sticks (see the picture).

Media Moments

Happy November! We had a busy October in media class. Students worked on using their personal login information to log in to the computers.

Second and third graders also practiced looking up books on Destiny Quest which is our computerized library catalog. They will use Destiny Quest to help find books they are looking for in our school library during library check out time with Mrs. Augustin.

Third grade students took a pretest on library and technology skills that we will be learning this year in media class. Students will take the same test in the spring to show their growth on concepts we learn throughout the year.

Second graders created an All About Me paper on the computer and printed it out to take home. The All About Me activity can be found on Both Destiny Quest and can be found on

Information Place. Here is a link to the Information Place website:

Also, our two most recent Tech Wizards are Allison Downs from Mrs. Kupres' class and Kashius Chlebana from Ms. Licari's class. Congratulations to Allison and Kashius!

We also wanted to thank everyone who bought books/items from the Book Fair. With your support we were able to earn $3485.85 worth of "Scholastics Dollars" to use to purchase new books for the Steeby library. "Scholastic Dollars" go even further than actual cash when we order through the Scholastic catalog!! Thank you again for your support.

Niki Barnes

Media Teacher

Baker & Steeby Elementary

Transportation Department News!

Traversa is ready to roll out. That said, WUS will be doing this slowly bus by bus.

The following buses: 5, 6, 26, and 28 are up and running.

Please use the Rider 360 app for parent view. Instructions are available at:

Scan cards for lower grades will follow after all buses are up and running using Traversa.

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we bring on this new product.

-Transportation Department

Bus Safety Reminders

As the weather turns colder and it is darker outside when students are heading to their bus

stops, the Transportation Department is reminding families and drivers in the community of

several important safety protocols.

The safety of students on our school buses is our top priority. State law requires very specific

safety precautions by bus drivers, students, family members and motorists to ensure student


All students are assigned and required to use a specific school bus stop with a designated place

of safety. When possible, students should wear light-colored clothing or jackets on dark

mornings (or place something reflective on coats or backpacks). Families should also:

  • Check new cold-weather clothing for safety. Draw strings and key chains can catch on

objects on the bus and create potential safety hazards.

  • Help students to be ready at their place of safety at the bus stop ten minutes before the

bus is due to arrive even in inclement weather. If necessary, family members should

take turns with friends and neighbors to be sure students are supervised at bus stops.

  • Never drive to catch up to a bus. Having students run alongside a bus to catch a missed

bus at a subsequent stop is dangerous as students could be in a driver’s blind spot. Also

never chase after a bus that may miss a stop on the ride home from school. Drivers

follow very specific protocols for missed stops, which includes radioing into the

Transportation Department and continuing along the route to a safe location to turn

around and bring the student back to the stop.

  • Remind students to alert the driver if they ever drop something near the bus. Students

or parents should not reach to pick up items that fall near the bus or roll near the

wheels until given the go-ahead that it is safe to do so by the driver.

  • Ensure students are not using technology such as phones or earbuds. Playing on a

phone or listening to music impedes students’ ability to watch and listen for potential

dangers around them as well as hear or see safety instructions from their bus driver.

For parents and other motorists driving during school transportation times, please remember


  • Alternating flashing amber (yellow) lights are on to warn motorists that the bus is

preparing to stop to let students on or off the bus.

  • Alternating flashing red lights are on to warn motorists that the bus is stopped on the

roadway to let students on or off the bus.

  • The STOP sign arm is engaged at the same time as the red flashing lights are turned on.

A white flashing strobe light may also be used during unfavorable conditions or times of

day that limit visibility, such as darkness, rain, fog and snow.

  • Four-way hazard lights are activated at all railroad crossings and turn-arounds. The bus

will stop prior to crossing railroad tracks.

  • The school bus will have its four-way hazard lights and backup light on when preparing

to back onto a side street to turn around.

  • Motorists must use caution when they approach a bus in the process of completing a


  • Do not pass a school bus that has red alternating flashing lights. This is the signal that

the bus is stopped to load or unload students. Traffic should not move until the bus

resumes motion or the driver signals traffic to proceed.

  • Be careful and alert on dark streets in the mornings as students and families are

waiting at bus stops. Please observe posted speed limits on a roadways.

  • Remind teen drivers about these important rules of the road.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to student safety as they travel to and

from school each day.

Supercat Winners

For Week of 10/12/22

Cameron Harris; Addisyn Weber; Avery Hibma; Ambjor Snyder; Isabella Brandt; Violet Harris; Anabelle Monzo; Liam Rawson; Enzley Hall; Jocqui Miles; Jase Meacham; Natalie Wright; Ava Donley; Autumn Henke; Amelia Patterson; Taliesin Schipper; Rayna Haynes; Riley Smith; RaeLynn Johnson; Addi Delany; Kayden Carpenter; Levi Ainsworth Classroom Winner: Mrs. Nykerk's 2nd grade class

For Week of 10/17/22

Ava Kinley; Eli Pitcher; Zach Radtke; Levi Schulte; Violette Farrell; Gracie Kwiatkowski; Damyan Born; Kale Crowley; Liam Herring; Barrett DeKraker; Maybellene Tyria; Mason Sims; Maddie Harmon; Bristol Hart; Fiona Lewis; Hunter Reahm; Easton DeKoning; Isaiah Gill; Abilynn Hosteter; Emerlee Rickert; Jagar Veldkamp; Michael Sowle; Blake Huttenga Classroom Winner: Mrs. Nykerk's 2nd grade class

For Week of 10/24/22

Joselyn VanNortwick; Lincoln Damron; Rene==becca Neuman; Harvey Smith; Skylar Martin; Chris Winkler; Alyssa Kooienga; Brock Schuitema; Gabrielle Dingman; Liam Herring; Dennis Stevenson; Aubree Usselman; Autumn henke; Wesley Kroll; Lenix Deming; Kristian Johnson-Meacham; Morgan Fritts; Brantley Smith; Ethan Arnold; Elliette MacIntosh; Avery Ogilvie; Colten Sevigny; Miles Kemp; Alex Page Mrs. Fortier's 2nd grade class

For Week of 10/31/22

Kruise Hedrick; Kayden Montes; Olibvia Jackson; Orrie Veltman; Landon Christopher; Carter Proulx; Beylin Liszewski-Winkler; Lillyanna Terry; Jayce Franntz; Carter McKillop; Ximena Tovar; Cali Wendt; Ben Anguiano; Olivia Baron; Orlando Garza; Jaxton Stroven; Alton Campos; JR Tilmann; Vincent Catlin; Olivia Prins; Cassidy Bailey; Jeremy Ferris; Chase Whitaker Classroom Winner: Mrs. Jurkowski's 3rd grade class

Community Education

Kids Robotics Night (1 night); Come learn about ROBOTICS. Great hands on; build a robot, program it, and work through different challenges.

Nov. 11, 2022; 6:00 - 8:00pm

Grades 3th - 5th

Location: Steeby Elem. Cafeteria


Winter INDOOR SOCCER; Saturdays /6 weeks; recreational program for the players to learn more about soccer and to HAVE FUN!

Ages 4 - 11

Saturdays: Jan. 14 - Feb. 18

Games start January 14 but need to sign up before December 2.

Location: Pine St. gym


Community Indoor Hall Walking

Dates: November 2022 - April 2023, Monday - Friday

Time: 6:00 - 8:00pm

Wayland Union Middle School

No walking when WUS is not in session

First Aid/CPR/AED Full Blended Certification Course

Online Requirement (completed independently): 4-5 hours

Classroom In-Person Skills Requirement: 3 hours

Classroom In-Person Dates: November 15 OR December 20

Classroom IN-Person Time: Nov. 15: 4:30-7:30 PM OR Dec. 20: 2:30-5:30 PM

Classroom In-Person Location: Steeby Elementary

Fee: $90

Register for all classes online through RevTrek,

Call 269.792.9153 with any questions.

Paper Gator Recycling

Did you know that Steeby Paper Gator gets funding for the paper that we collect for our school? Please start saving your paper at home and bring it in to the Gator, it will help us to earn money for Steeby!! Anyone in the community can deposit the items listed below in the Paper Gator. The Paper Gator is located behind Steeby in the wooden fenced in area. The Paper Gator will be the green dumpster.

Here is a list of what we CAN take in the Paper Gator:

-Junk Mail
-Phone Books
-Office/School paper
-Hard and soft cover books
-Paperboard (Grocery Item boxes, NOT cardboard)
-Standard staples & paperclips are ok
-Shredded paper (preferred in CLEAR plastic bags)

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture