Virtual Reality Advertising

The Gen-Next Big Thing in Modern Advertising Campaigns

Virtual Reality – The Gen-Next Big Thing in Modern Advertising Campaigns

These days, virtual reality is not limited to a so-called expensive wearable gadget. Today, advertisers have also recognized the tremendous benefits of virtual reality and enjoying all the possibilities of reaching wide range of audience to spread their commercial message. It seems to be a great way to improve the brand image of the company. It is no wonder that the marketers are making the most of virtual reality advertising. They are finding the ways to get into what Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) and Oculus founder titled “The next-gen communication medium”. Several agencies, marketers and publishers at the recent industry conference in San Francisco admitted that the VR and its sibling, augmented reality where images and information are covered on the real world with Google Glass devices or smart phones, are likely to be closer to become the another amazing medium of advertising.

The VR advertising has become the new frontier to attract the clients of the companies. Some big companies are also using mixed reality and augmented reality. They have also started reaching the huge audience and they have truly started preparing for it. The companies are trying to reach a huge audience base. Around 1.8 billion VR devices are already being used in the market. People can easily insert such devices on their stereoscopic cardboard box. Almost everyone can reach the crude and it is very effective medium.

The marketers have started thinking beyond some sticky ads. They are going to develop something more innovative to give more immersive shopping experience. These days, ecommerce industry is very flat and it is virtual reality that can give true experience to the shoppers. They can drastically create the roles which can go beyond the physical feel. The VR device of Samsung Galaxy Gear is the best example. You can easily enter into the immersive shopping environment of Virtual Reality and they need to do a lot of work to give something beyond the physical aisles. You can easily get to the place where you cannot go and experience in real world.

But there is a factor of annoyance when it is about ads. But marketers will implement certain ways to design commercial messages in a way that they don’t seem annoying and they will set them in a new medium. The developers are designing great opportunities for the marketers to place ads within VR. For example, they can put a virtual Audi running on the Beaver Creek where the event takes place. It will pursue informational content and promotion of Audi models along the way. For most of the marketers, it is going to be a game changer. The advertisers can easily achieve the new frontier.

Some of the leading marketers like HBO, Coca Cola and Nissan are spreading their reach and venturing into the whole new world of virtual reality. They know the potential risks well. They shall overcome such hurdles to provide innovative customer experiences. All in all, virtual reality will enjoy a great presence in advertising industry.