Building High self-esteem

Matt Hoffman

Self esteem

Self esteem is confidence in ones abilities to do something

Power of self esteem

Self esteem is a major guideline in our lives. It includes your feelings about peers

Self concept

Your self concept is a bundle of facts or feelings about your self in everyday life.

How to increase self esteem

Realizing your quality and skills you have that you can build on in the future.
Take responsibility for your actions only you can control the outcome.
Engage in strength building it will help you find outlets to release negative energy.
Seek support of peers and mentors they will be more than glad to suggest outlets to ease your mind and make you a better person. The best mentor is someone that is very busy.
Set goals setting goals will make your mind strive to get to the top.
Practice guided imagery its a way to power and harness the mind.
Use positive talk don't beat up on yourself always say positive things.

Enhanced Self-esteem

Feeling Valued
Feeling Competent
Feeling secure
Feeling empowered
Feeling Connected


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