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Spencer Elementary April 30, 2021


If a member in your Spencer students household is awaiting test results for COVID-19, please DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL UNTIL THE TEST RESULTS ARE DETERMINED. If the results come back positive, please fill out the Self-Reporting Form below. Thank you for your cooperation as we try to keep our Spencer community safe!

COVID-19 Self-Reporting

COVID Communication

In an attempt to not over-communicate to families at Spencer with emails regarding positive Covid 19 cases, BAS is no longer sending community-wide emails to all parents and guardians for each case, at each building.

We ARE, of course, still sending emails to ALL students, parents, and staff facing mandated quarantines and ALL parents, students, and staff who have been in classrooms where a positive COVID-19 case has been reported.

Families of those directly impacted receive direct communication regarding any new cases. If you have any questions regarding COVID-19, please feel free to visit our district's COVID-19 transparency site at"

In addition, the Livingston County Health Department is no longer receiving the reports of positive COVID-19 tests of adults between the ages of 19-64 from the testing sites. For this reason, they are requesting that our parent/guardians self-report if they have tested positive or exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 to allow for the necessary contact-tracing within our school. You will find the link to the to the COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form below...

Office News

Are Your Ears Ready?

These days many parents are so stressed about having quality time with their kids.
What if I told you there was an easier way? What if I told you being a good parent is simpler than you think? What if you could have a peaceful weekend, knowing you've got this parenting thing nailed? Listen and find out!

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3rd Grade is Up First!

Starting Monday, third graders will begin the state testing known as the MSTEP.

The students will test each day this week we are in person. The testing times are in the morning from 10:30 - 12:15.

Morning Announcements

Each day, Mr.Renner posts morning announcements for all Spencer Roadrunners. They are short, sweet, and to the point. This way, you can stay connected with us, whether near or far!

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Does Your Child Know a Funny Joke?

Just fill out this form, and you might hear it, right along with your child's name on the morning announcements!

The McKinney Vento Act

The Brighton Area Schools is part of a consortium to serve students in temporary living situations that provides financial support for educational needs, referral for housing, clothing and other needs, general support and technical assistance. To ensure compliance with federal law, all school staff must help identify student living in the following situations: emergency shelters/transitional housing, motels/hotels, car, parks or public spaces, shared housing due to a loss of housing or economic hardship, or living temporarily with non-parent or guardian.

The district’s homeless liaison is Starr Acromite and each building has trained staff members to assist in the endeavor. Our consortium contact at the Livingston Educational Service Agency is Candice Uyttendaele.

Please contact your building principal or Starr Acromite at 810-299-4040 for information/assistance.

Are You Leaving Spencer?

Please click on the button below and fill out the form if you will NOT be returning to Spencer next year. Please note this does not apply to our 4th Grade families as we know you will be off to Maltby next year. Please submit this form by May 7.

Placement Consideration Form for Next Year

We will develop student assignments for the 2021-2022 school year in the upcoming weeks. If you believe you have important information regarding your child that the school staff may not have, this form provides an opportunity to share that information with school personnel. Your input will be used to assist us in placing your child for the coming school year. Please click the button below to submit your input by May 7.

Spencer Family Directory update

Dear Spencer Families,

We are updating our family directory for Spencer.

  2. Please fill out one form for each student.
  3. Only include the teacher's LAST name (for sorting purposes).
  4. Only fill out the information that you want to be included in the directory for other families.

We do not post this directory anywhere, it is a link sent to Spencer families upon request. Please let me know if you have any questions.

If you would like a copy of the directory send me an email and be sure to include your child's name and teacher and I will send you a copy.

Mrs. Adams

Teacher librarian

Setting An Example?

I was recently told by a family that their child asked, "Mr.Renner isn't wearing a mask, why do I?" Ouch! But, I love it, and here's why, we are constantly asking the students to do things, but if we don't lead by example what's the message we are sending?

This family was absolutely spot on to inquire and I'm glad they felt comfortable to do so.

Here's my response, when I am outside directing traffic, my glasses become fogged up and I can't see. I could take my glasses off, but then again, I can't see clearly not only what is coming toward me and the sidewalk behind me. So, I don't have a mask on when I am directing traffic to keep me safe while the traffic is flowing. I am not around anyone and if I approach a car to share a morning greeting, I maintain a safe distance to keep your family safe.

I am proud that our Spencer families feel comfortable asking questions. After all, asking questions is how we learn!

Note from the Music Room

The Music Room is in need of some sanitizing wipes. If you are able to donate, Mrs. Muszynski would greatly appreciate it.

PTO News

2021/2022 PTO Board

The election for next year's officers was held at the April 13 PTO Meeting. Introducing your 21/22 Board:

President - Jen Lumsden

Vice President - Nicole McGhee

Treasurer - Amanda Hoffmann

Co-Secretary - Meghann Calvin

Co-Secretary - Jacquelyn Turkovich

Lego Club

Congratulations to last week's winner, Cain Barton, in kindergarten.

Here are the new challenges. Remember there is one weekly prize opportunity for completing both challenges and one large raffle prize ($100 Lego gift card) for completing all eight weeks of challenges. All rules are below the next set of challenges. Have fun!

Challenge #1: Create a LEGO crane and take a photo of it lifting something (hint: just add string).

Challenge #2: Create a LEGO representation of any Spencer Elementary employee. Let us know who it is when you post your photo.

Post pictures of your creations in the comments on the PTO Facebook page LEGO post or by email. Include your child's name and teacher in your post.

We can't do the PTO LEGO club in person this year but we can still have a Spencer LEGO club online (Open to in-person and BVA kids).

Here is how it will work:

The kids have until the next set of challenges goes up to post their entry (Two per week - 8 Weeks of posts).

Post their entry in the COMMENTS of the challenge post on Facebook or email

Each week anyone who does both challenges will enter to win one small weekly prize.

If your child completes ALL the challenges all eight weeks they'll be entered to win a raffle at the end of virtual LEGO club for a $100 gift card to the LEGO store.

In order to include EVERYONE at Spencer challenges will post each Friday on the PTO page and in the Spencer Scoop.

Mod Pizza

Thank you for eating at Mod to support our fundraiser. We raised $331.21! Way to go!

Field Day

We are seeking some volunteers for Field Day. Please read the details in the sign-up genius before you commit to volunteer. We appreciate your help!


April Edition

Flowers are blooming and it is giving us all the summer feels! The sunshine has such a powerful effect on our spirit and energy. I hope you are finding time as a family to enjoy it all! This month in counseling we will focus on problem solving. This could look like reading through scenarios and talking about possible avenues or solutions to problems as well as practicing the use of sentence starters that give students a framework to pull from when communicating with others. When we use effective problem solving, we acknowledge alternative perspectives, respect one another’s emotions, and overall have more successful relationships.

Lets Connect: If you are noticing some behaviors that are interfering with your child’s success in the classroom, please feel free to complete my parent referral form and we can work together to determine if supports are needed here at school.

More Resources: We also have our BAS Elementary Counseling website for ideas and resources to be used at home!

Mrs. McKiddy


Parent Referral Form:

Student Check-in Form:

Brighton Area Fire Authority Summer Youth Camps

Small Town, Big Hearts

Big picture

Skateboard Saturdays Are Back

Skateboard Saturdays at Meijer Skate Park

SELCRA is pleased to announce the opening of skateboard sessions

at Meijer Park, 333 Charles Orndorf Dr. in Brighton

Saturdays, May 1st thru October 30th (Closed on 6/19/2021)


$5 per visit for drop-ins

Helmets are required!

A Season pass is available at

Click on Register Now! And use keyword: skate

Under 18 Must have a parental waiver on file to enter the park and it is located below.

Email the completed form to: Cheryl at

May Menus

Important Dates at a Glance


5 - Virtual Wednesday

12 - Virtual Wednesday

19 - Virtual Wednesday

26 - Virtual Wednesday - LAST ONE

31 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day


2 - NO VIRTUAL WEDS - In Person Learning Day

9 - NO VIRTUAL WEDS - In Person Learning Day

11 - Last Day of School - Half Day (Time TBD)

Daily Start Time

Student drop off will be 8:40 (this is different than years past)

First Bell - 8:46

Starting Time in class- 8:50 AM

Dismissal Time - 3:42 PM

Attendance Line*- 810-299-4354

*Please remember to call your child's absence in as early as possible.