Weekly Glimpse

From Fourth Grade

Language Arts

Our focus this week:

* what is a biography

* beginning George vs. George

* using sticky notes for note-taking with biography books

* finishing the silhouettes

Next week:

* continuing with the class book

* note-taking - plucking the main idea & supportive details

* vocabulary test on Tuesday, Nov. 17

* spelling test on Wednesday, Nov. 18

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Social Studies

Our focus this week:

* American colonies

* geographical locations - Great Britain; American colonies

* vocabulary terms

Next week:

* William Penn and English settlement

* Colonial Pennsylvania

Teacher's Note

* A special thanks goes out to MR. RUSSELL for coming in today to share his experience in the Navy and being a Firefighter.

* Remind your child to continue reading his/her biography using sticky notes (they will use their notes when making their posters)