By: Sydni L. (Health D2 11/11/2015)


My topic is Cancer and I think it is important to learn about because the more we know about it, the better we can treat it. Another reason it is important is that if scientist keep working on finding the cure to Cancer than less people will die.

A third reason it is good to know about is because that if more people know about it the more they will want to participate, help out, and donate.

10 facts

1.A gene is a small part of DNA. Genes make proteins.

2.Many genes produce proteins that are involved in controlling the processes of cell growth and division.

3.The abnormal cell begins to divide uncontrollably and eventually forms a new growth known as a tumor.

4.Cancer is a disease made up of 100 diseases.

5.A majority of cancers are caused by changes in the cell's DNA because of damage due to the cell's environment.

6.There are many different types of cancer. Such as breast cancer, colon cancer, Lymphoma, etc..

7.The major risk factors on cancer is: alcohol, tobacco, sexual intercourse, diet, family history(genes), environment, pollution, occupation and infectious agents.

8.80 to 90 % of people get lung cancer from smoking.

9.It has been shown that women who had a late child, or none at all, has a high risk of either ovary or breast cancer.

10.With cancer there is lots of pain. You can get a sore that does not heal, unusual bleeding, bladder habits and more.

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5 facts to improve health

1.You can get treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

2.Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are some of the most painful and toxic.

3.If patients are willing to ask questions and thoroughly research their options, they can increase their chances of getting the best possible alternative support for the difficult task of treating cancer.

4.You can get surgery to remove a tumor. That is commonly used.

5.Patients should also evaluate the particular therapy offered by a practitioner or clinic.

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