Police and Detectives

Learn what it takes to "Serve and Protect"

About us

I believe that we all know what an officer is/does. In case you don't Basically they just enforce the law. Keep things in order and portect citzens if any harm is to come. Now detectives they are the ones that handle the cases that require more investagating. They are the ones that go deeper into the crime and normally the ones to crack the case.

Interested? Heres what you'll need to start off

There are a few requirements you must meet to be concreted to work with us.

The requirements for these jobs are, well to start you must prove you are a U.S citizen. Most departments ask you to be at least 21 years of age. Must provide valid drivers license. Must pass physical exams such as vision,hearing,strength and agility. And a felony conviction may disqualify a candidate.

If your serious about working with as one of us go to your local police station and ask how you apply!!!


Many of you might be thinking what kind of hours ill be working if i do apply. Well as an officer you'll be working shift work. As of hours its mostly shift work. And yes the senior or officers that have been there for a while will get preferred shifts. Most of the time Rookies will get night/weekend shifts.


And i bet pay didn't slip your mind niethier. Well pay wise

the annal pay for an officer in may of 2012 was some where around 56,980 a year. and like i said its shift work.

Do not hesitate to give us a call

If you are intrested just make your way down to your local police station they are more than happy to answer any questions yo have. See you soon!!!