Plate Tectonics Theory

Development of Plate Tectonics

Alfred Wegener

Plate tectonics theory-The belief that all the continents were once joined together and then separated into today's land masses.

Pangaea - Term used by Alfred wegener to describe the super continental of ancient times.

I believe that his theory is correct cause they all fit together if you move them.


In 1906 his dream came true when danish expedition to Greenland invited him to join it as the chief meteorologist.

In 1912,Wegener proposed a theory that at one time all earths landmasses were joined together forming one giant super continent .

In 1928 the exclusive american association of petrolatum geologists invited wegener to New York to present his theory wegener based his theory on five major pieces of evidence as described below.

5 facts

The shapes of the continents of south america and Africa seem to fit together like the pieces of jigsaw puzzle.

Matching fossils of both plants and animals occur along the east coast of south america and the west coast of america.

Matching folded mountain belts appear along the east coast of south america and the west coast of Africa.

evidence of ancient climates show that landmasses were once located on different parts of earth from where they are located today.

The data that wegener collected about the longitudinal location of Greenland did not match the data collected by earlier expeditions. wiener believed Greenland was moving away from the continent of Europe