Online Dangers

Online bullying, Online friends

Online Bullying

Online bullying is when someone is threatening, embarrassing and being horrible to another person online. It can happen to anybody. If you ever get cyber bullied, tell a trusted adult who could help you deal with it . You should save the evidence and never reply to any messages. Because the bully wants you to reply and by not responding you are showing them that you don't care, they will possibly move on because they didn't succeed their target. If you are not confident about telling a trusted adult, there are many services that can help you such as Child Line, Community Matters...

The bully could be excluded from school or pay money if they get caught.


Online friends

An online friend is someone you met online and became friend with. There are advantages and disadvantages of having online friends.

Advantages include:

- You can have friends from all over the world.

- You don't have to show who you really are to your online friends.

- You can have friends with different age, sex, race...


- You cannot be physically close to them.

-You cannot do activities with them such as going to the beach together or go to the cinema

-You don't know who they really are. Sadly, some people pretend to be somebody they are not to attract childrens. These are called child predators.

You don't have to worry about thatt as long as you don't give any personal information to your online friends.

I personally think that online friends are bad because you don't go out a lot and you always stay on your computer to talk to your friends when you could be doing much funnier things.

But some people think online friends are good because you feel comfortable around them and don't have to show them who you really are.