Second Grade News

A Closer Look at our Week

Language Arts

This week we will be reading Chester's Way. We will be using this book along with others books to make inferences to understand characters. We will discuss how often the author doesn't tell us exactly how a character is feeling so as a reader we must use the text to find out how the character is feeling. You can do this at home as well. Ask your student how a character in the books is feeling and ask them to use the text to explain their answer. We also are beginning to work on informative writing. We will be researching different topics and we are writing about what we have learned during social studies. Students also have time to read independently on their level. This will improve their reading ability. ***Don't forget to read at home and fill out your reading log!


We are working in our new math classes on our level and with skills that we need to focus on. We have just started chapter 4 which focuses on subtracting two digit numbers.

Please be looking for math homework. It will be sent home occasionally and needs to be returned the next day. Students that return the math homework will receive a class dojo point or some other reward.

Use the link above to practice your spelling words at home! There are many fun games on spelling city to help with your spelling words.

Content and Writing

During content and writing we will be studying Native Americans. This week we will be focusing on the Woodland Indians. We will be learning about them and we will also be working on informational writing while we learn about them.

Upcoming Events

  • 11/17 imoms
  • 11/20 Pride Celebration 9am
  • 11/25-27th No School Thanksgiving break