Sophomore English

Adventures in the Art of Language!


It has been a wonderful beginning of the year! Students in the Sophomore class have embraced some of our early challenges, and are showing great courage in the face of these tasks. Specifically, memorizing a poem and reciting it to the class, being called on unexpectedly to respond to questions or share information, and collaborating with a variety of different people. Yes, September has been about learning new expectations, and stepping outside of established comfort zones in order to gather, process, and share information in new and powerful ways. This work will continue as we progress through the year, and I am looking forward to exciting outcomes as a result.


Greek and Latin root studies:

man = hand; ped = foot; dict = say; spec = look

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Measurement of Academic Progress

The MAP assessment (I prefer to call it the MAP-o-Meter) in Reading and Language Usage is taking place in class this week. So far I've been so impressed by the seriousness with which students have taken this measurement opportunity, and very pleased with the results of their efforts! This year's 10th graders are going to challenge me as a teacher! I am up to the challenge, and ready to work hard to ensure they get just the academic push they need to head toward successful futures.