Literacy and Numeracy Newsletter

Bayside 6 Campus Fall 2019

A Note from the Principal

Dear Raider Parents,

I am excited to share that it has been a productive first quarter. Our school vision is to cultivate an environment and a tradition of academic and social excellence one child at a time. Our mission is to provide equitable opportunities to all students to reach their full potential, giving each student the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of the future. We will accomplish our vision and mission through utilizing transformational learning practices that involve a student-centered approach, personalized learning, promotion of student agency, culturally responsive practices, positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS) and specially designed instruction. As we review and refine our methods and strategies in an on-going manner, it is essential to include your voice in our review process. Please complete the following survey to provide feedback on your experience thus far. Parent Survey Link. Thank you.

Please mark your calendars for Friday, December 13th as progress reports will be sent home with students. Please contact your child's school counselor if you would like to schedule a parent teacher conference. 757.648.4431

You are invited to attend the upcoming School Planning Council meeting on Thursday, December 12th held here at Bayside Sixth Grade Campus at 6:00 p.m. Important information will be shared regarding our first quarter progress.

Please read the following updates on literacy and numeracy at Bayside Sixth Grade Campus. Additionally, you will find helpful suggestions on how to help your child continue to grow academically.


Camille Harmon


Numeracy First Quarter Highlights

During the first quarter, students have been focusing primarily on number sense concepts (integers, exponents, perfect squares, etc..) as well as converting and comparing fractions, decimals, and percentages. Quizlet Live, Quizizz, Smart Lessons, SeeSaw and manipulatives are just a few tools teachers have implemented in the classroom to engage students in the learning process. Students have been collaborating with their peers on a daily basis to problem-solve rigorous activities.

In order for students to be successful, teachers are encouraging students to practice their multiplication facts as well as using IXL and/or Mathspace each night to go over concepts learned in class. If you have not signed up for Parent Portal, please do so in order to receive up-to-date student progress for all classes.

Literacy First Quarter Highlights

The English Department has been busy at Bayside 6th. Students have been working on writing academic paragraphs as well as reading fiction and nonfiction works. The students are studying the concept of change by reading and responding to stories, essays, and poems about people who have experienced and learned from social, physical, and emotional changes. Overall. the skills students in grade 6 were successful in include: setting, characters, plot sequence, conflict and resolution, root origins, prefixes, suffixes, main idea in nonfiction, supporting details and summarizing.

The skills we will continue to develop include: conclusions and inferences, theme, and drawing conclusions with evidence.

Our next unit, Unit 3, is a writing unit that will begin the week of Thanksgiving and will end right before the Winter Break. Students will create a multi-paragraph narrative story. As the students write throughout the unit, they will be concentrating on fully elaborating central ideas and including appropriate transitional words and phrases to enhance clarity as well as focusing on the elements of narrative structure. The students will edit their writing with a focus on correct compound sentence formation, subject-verb agreement, and consistent verb tense.

Regarding homework, it is our hope that students are reading for a minimum of 20 minutes per night. Research indicates that students who read 20 minutes daily will be exposed to over 1.8 million words per year. Daily reading assists students in their language development, promotes brain development and helps them make connections to the outside world.

For extra reading and writing practice, students can use the following applications:

Achieve 3000, No Red Ink, IXL, and Nearpod.

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Annual School Report Card

Parents will be notified of the 2019 - 2020 Annual School Report Card availability through The Core and A Slice of VBCPS. The 2019-2020 annual school report cards will be posted by Thursday, Nov. 29.