Laney Pruitt 10/16/15 Health-2

Definition of Amnesia

A general word for describing loss of memory.

Causes of Amnesia

Amnesia isn't a disease. It can can be a symptom of illness, as in the forgetfulness of Alzheimers disease. It can be a result of a bad accident in which the head gets injured, or it can be caused by drugs, alcohol, or even poor nutrients.

Symptoms of Amnesia

A fever, head injury, or large eye pupils.

Treatment or Medication

Many people with amnesia find it helpful to use smart technology, such as a smartphone or a hand-held tablet. With some training and practice, even people with severe amnesia can use these electronics to help with everyday tasks. For example, smartphones can be programmed to remind them about important events or to take medications.

Background information

Theodule-Armand Ribot was one of the first to study amnesia. He proposed Ribots law which states that there is a gradiet in retrograde amnesia.

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