FAC Newsletter

Sept. 28-Oct. 2

Learning for the Week

This week we will be talking about the letter F. Thank you to all of you who have been helping the kids find something from their house that starts with the letter of the week to bring in to class. The kids have enjoyed sharing their objects with each other. Last week we had everything from elephants to earrings. I can't wait to see what the kids bring in this week!

We will also be starting a new Unique Learning System lesson- Animals in Their Homes. This unit is a life science unit with a focus on animals and their habitats. Through reading, writing and math activities, students will be able to identify animals and describe the animals' homes and basic needs.

Things to be working on at home


Count aloud, count objects around the house, talk about groups of items that have more than or less than, have students identify coins by name

-Days of the week

Talk about what day of the week it is today, what day it was yesterday and what day it will be tomorrow

-Months of the year

Talk about what month we are in and what holidays or special days happen in this month

-Personal Information

Mention the name of your street every time you turn onto it, talk about what month their birthday is in, say the name of the school when you are pulling for drop off

-Letter of the week

Point out different things you see that start with the letter of the week.


Down With Fitness

Marcus' father, John Cissik, puts on a Down with Fitness class for 5-12 year olds with Down syndrome. It'll run every Saturday in October from 2-3 at St. Gabriel's and is free! The kids have a blast, I highly recommend you go and check it out!


Lunch Time

Mav Fan Jam