Ancient Chinese Society

Expectations of Women and Men

Role of Women

Women are in a lower position in the family.

Girls are considered less important than their brothers.

Women are not expected to have a career or an education.

Women's main role in the family is to cook, clean and care for the family

Role of Men.

Men are considered more important within the family.

Men are expected to have a career and an education.

The men's main role is to provide for his family

Men are expected to be richer, taller, smarter and older that their wives.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the role and expectation of husbands in China?

Confucianism tells everyone that ' Father guides son and husband guides wife' Husbands are expected to work outside the house, farming and earning money.

What is the role and expectation of the wife in China?

The wife must do as the husband says. Wives are expected to look after the children, cook and clean the house.