Count It All Joy - James 1:2



As you all know by now, the Nest offered it's FIRST EVER 48 HR special designer discount. In the back office News Feed, you will see the details of MINI MANIA!!! This special started at Midnight EST Saturday and will continue until Midnight tonight (Sunday). From the looks of this volume that I have seen over the past 24 hours, I can see that you have all been busy shoppers taking advantage of this incredible discount. If you haven't placed your order, please do so by midnight EST TONIGHT. Or sooner if you can as this special is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Mini's are SUPER popular and now you have the opportunity to use this special designer price to further your business in any way you see fit (with ONE exception that I will explain later).

So how do you make the most of a deal like this? Below are some ideas from Ann Raulston, our new VP of Sales...

Embrace it!



1. This amazing offer gives you a reason to reach out to customers and Hostesses with an awesome deal!

2. It allows every Independent Designer to create an irresistible offer to prospective Hostesses and customers! I have quite a few suggestions on how using these special prices can further your fall sales INCREDIBLY. Below are a few.

For every $100 you spend, get one of these mini locket sets for $15 or $17 (retails for $38 and $42). Suggest that if they spend another $50 (if they are close to the next $100 mark) they can get a locket set valued at $38 or $42 for a 60% discount from retail!! Suggest that the customers use them as inexpensive gifts for the holidays. Teacher, their daughter's friends, their hairdresser, etc. Anyone that they would like to give a special locket to. $15 or $17 is a perfect amount to spend for a gift like that.

Use it as an extra gift for booking a party (once the party holds).

OR, sell at full retail (or a discounted price) to make an extra profit!!!!!

This is YOUR business and you can do with them what you feel will jump start your sales for the next couple of months.

The ONLY thing I ask is that you DO NOT give them away. Quite a few people (and posts on FB) I am seeing is something like this..."Spend $100 and get one for FREE". All I have to say to this is WHY?????? Why give something away for FREE that you spent $15 on?? I don't understand people reducing their profit margin down to 20%. We are in the business of MAKING money. I also DON'T like this because it seriously undercuts other designers who are in this business to make money. PLEASE don't offer this. It is not necessary or financially wise!!!!!

3. It jump starts your end of August and September into great sales and prospecting!

4. It gives you PV toward Cabo!

5. It creates income for all Designers as they refocus on their business and using the special to best benefit this.

You can offer the deals that you see fit to pass on to your Hostesses and customers as they work to maximize their current and future business!

Let's have fun with this!

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All the details on how to order are in the back office!!! You can order as many as you want. If you can, purchase as many as you can afford. They really will be a great tool for you going into the fall selling season!


Paula and Hannah Weber

Mother/Daughter Director Team