Mice vs Farmer's Wife

By: Kristin Casey

The three blind mice told their story to the officer. We were starving and came upon a farm. A butcher was eating bread and cheese. The mice helped themselves and got full, and started dancing around. The butcher’s wife came in and asked what the commotion was about. She saw the mice dancing, and threatened them with a cat. The cat scared the mice into the bramble hedge which scratched their eyes and blinded them. Then the mice ran around and chased the farmer’s wife. The farmer wife then cut the tails of all three mice.

The mice told the officer they wanted to press charges against the farmer’s wife having her cat attack them, blinding them in the hedge, and cutting off their tails. The police obtained a search warrant for the farm. Their goal was to find the knife, and to search for evidence of the attack of the cat, and the harm caused by the hedge. After the evidence was collected, the decision was made that an indictment would be made. An officer was sent to the farm to arrest the wife. The wife listened to her rights, and asked that a public defender be found for her representation. A subpoena was issued to the farmer to be a witness in the case.

At the arraignment the judge read the charges against her. The defendant asked that a petit jury be created for her trial. The judge set her bail at $5,000.

At the trial, it was presented by the prosecution that the knife was found and had the wife’s finger prints on it. The cat was owned by the wife, and there were signs of the cat scratching the window sill as indicated by mice. In the hedge, there were signs of struggles and blood from the mice on the branches.This evidence found that the farmer’s wife, committed perjury - as she said she did not cut the mice’s tails.

The public defendant tried to ask for a plea bargaining deal but was denied. The grand jury, discussed the case for a day and a half before come back with a guilty verdict.

The farmer’s wife was convicted of misdemeanor charges for harm done to the mice. Her pubilc defender filed for an appeal.


The End