This Week in Online Learning.....

Assignments for the week of May 13-17

English 1 and English 2

English 1B: Week 9 - Green Eggs and Ham (both); Last composition for the course: Compare/Contrast essay

English 2A: Week 9 - Last Essay for the course: Persuasive Essay

English 2B: Acts 4 and 5 quizzes and Discussion Questions; Julius Caesar final test

Seniors - Your deadline is coming up! You must be finished with all coursework by TUESDAY, MAY 21ST. YOU MUST HAVE PASSED YOUR EXAM BY THURSDAY, MAY 23RD.

ALL OTHER STUDENTS: Your deadline for all coursework to be done is Wednesday, May 29th.

English 3 and English 4 Assignments:

English 3A: Unit 3 test with short answer essay; Last course essay - compare/contrast

English 3B: Unit 5 test with short answer essay: Final typed copy of research paper with Works Cited

English 4A: Macbeth Act 4 and quizzes; Macbeth final test; OR Final typed copy of research paper with Works Cited. ALL ENGLISH 4 A STUDENTS MUST WRITE THE CHARACTER SKETCH IN WEEK 9 OF THE COURSE.