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Here's what we've been up to! 10-7-16

Some highlights from our week!

We Writers and Readers

Your readers and writers continue to blow me away with their Reading and Writing each day. They are building more and more stamina. I can't believe the first quarter of fourth grade is already over.

We are finishing up some awesome Narrative pieces and will get them published next week. We are also getting set to dive into Opinion/Persuasive Writing. Your child will be asked to come up with a topic he/she feels strongly about for this Unit. This might lend to some awesome dinner conversation. You know what things your child and family are passionate about or involved in. Any guidance you can help your 4th grader with on this would be helpful. We will brainstorm here and keep a list of things, but will need to hone in on one when the piece takes shape a few weeks in.

We will kick off Unit 3 "Amazing Places," in Reach next week. Our work and texts in this Unit will take on a Geography tone. We will touch on Themes, Main Idea, and Comparing Text Features.

MATH-Decimals, Decimals, & More Decimals

Mathematicians kicked off Unit 4 this week where we will deepen our understanding of decimals. It's a tough skill to realize that things to the right of the decimal point are only part of a whole number. We will do lots of work with understanding this, comparing decimals, ordering decimals, and adding & subtracting decimals. I keep reminding my Mathematicians how important it is to be a good listener when new skills are being taught. We get lots of movement and wiggle breaks, but sometimes it is still hard for them to tune in. Many of these concepts are critical and will be things that will continue to come back. My own middle school daughter still has these skills popping back up daily in her math work at Carmel Middle. Remember too students also have log-ins taped in the front of their assignment notebooks for where there are many valuable resources for support.

I will have Math tests graded, and they will be returned on Monday. I was at meetings yesterday and students needed time to finish while I was away.


Still getting our feet wet with Canvas. I attended a half day District Lead Teacher meeting this week where everything was linked to Canvas for me as a learner. I loved getting to see if from that end and it will help me as I proceed. Thanks for joining and observing your student. You will be glad you have this set up as your child learns and grows through Carmel Clay Schools. If you see #amplifyccs on your Twitter feed, it means we are excited to continue adding technology to amp up good instruction.

Earth's Changing Surface

Our Scientists are excited to learn about all of the different features of land on Earth. We will be investigating, experimenting and note-taking in the weeks ahead to learn all about rivers, landforms, earth's crust, volcanoes, and so on!

Looking Forward TO Next Week

Gumball Machine for Our Class on Wednesday (Fun Run Prize)

Pajama Day Thursday (Fun Run Prize)

Fall Break Friday, October 14 - Monday, October 17

Report Cards online Friday, October 14

Have a great weekend!!!

Thanks for sharing your Rockets with me! Next week Fall Break starts on Friday. I hope you have some fun family time or down time planned!

Coming Soon!

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