Ignite Passion

Excellent Leaders Modeling Success

Opening Week Break Out Sessions

Brief workshops are scheduled as part of East Lee Opening Week Break Out Sessions in which specific topics will be discussed in small groups. Staff members will be given professional development options that range from basic to refresher courses in the area of technology. Staff members will have the opportunity to expand their understanding of the new initiatives that will occur for the 2014-2015 school year. Scheduled breakout sessions have been scheduled for each team, grade level, and department. Session may occur simultaneously from other meeting and varying topics across the building. Information about the sessions are located at the front office desk.

Vertical Department Meetings

Vertical Department meeting gives teachers the opportunity to collaborate with other educators across grade levels at least once a month. During these meetings, teachers will have the opportunity to discuss curriculum and ways to align the curriculum. Vertical teams will have have a new challenge this school year as they will plan 1 family/student family event. Teachers will collaborate on ways to engage the students, parents, and community in a Family Curriculum Night.

Supporting Our Beginning Teachers!

Our role in developing our Beginning Teachers is vital. From supporting our mentors to providing time for our Beginning Teachers to observe and reflect, we all set the tone in our building. It is the entire school’s responsibility to mentor our beginning teachers and through collaboration with the district and your lead mentors you will lead your beginning teachers through an exciting year and set them on a pathway of continued success. This year we will have monthly sessions that will provide our Beginning Teachers with additional support and quick professional development. Beginning Teachers will have the opportunity to observe other teachers throughout the school building. Remember to show our ROCKET Pride to our new teachers and make them feel at home!

A SAD Goodbye!

Anita Crowley has accepted another position as a lead teacher in Cumberland County. We will miss her greatly! Please drop her an email to wish her luck and thank her for all the wonderful professional development she has given us.

Invest in a Child!

Invest in Your Child Fundraising is a fundraiser that relies on monetary donations to our school. Unlike traditional fundraising, done through product sales, 100% of the money raised through the “Invest in Your Child” campaign goes to benefit ELMS. Schools across the country have adopted the “Invest in Your Child” approach and have eliminated the need for traditional fundraising all together. We’re not sure we’re there yet, or if we even want to be, we just want to provide our parents with options to enable them to contribute and make a difference in our school.

Here’s how “Invest in Your Child” works:

It’s definitely a simpler approach to fundraising.

  1. Information is sent home to ELMS families.
  2. Parents/Families/Community Members make a donation payable to the ELMS PTSO for the current school year, which may be tax deductible. Every student who donates a specific amount (anywhere from $10 to $30 a child), will be entered in prize drawings. The prizes will be rewarded in a similar way to the traditional fundraiser prizes were awarded.
  3. Monetary contributions will be used to meet the needs of our children and our school.
  4. We will have a goal to reach in terms of a money amount and/or tangible item goal, the PTSO will consider eliminating traditional fundraising from third-party vendors. However, if the goal is not met the traditional fundraisers may be needed to reach the goal. ELMS PTSO will still sponsor a Fall and Valentine Dance.