Are These UFO's For Real?

Jordan D. Stuart

Solving Mysteries for Life!

Encyclopedia Brown, a 12 year old boy, had his own business of solving mysteries. One Monday morning, the next door neighbor boy quickly ran over to Encyclopedia Brown's garage. Jimmy breathlessly tried to tell Encyclodpedia Brown about the UFO pictures that Nick, a gang member, was trying to sell. Jimmy wanted Encyclopedia Brown to look at the pictures to investigate if they were real. Together, they rode down the street to where Nick was so they could look at the pictures. When they got there, Nick was talking to a group of buyers who wanted the pictures. Nick braggishly explained how he caught the UFO's on his cell phone camera one cold night. Encyclopedia Brown went over to the table where the pictures were displayed and he noticed the pictures had been taken during the daytime. He discovered that Nick had edited the photos by copying pictures of UFO's and placing them in the night sky. Encyclopedia Brown explained to the buyers how the pictures were fakes and everyone fled.


Encyclopedia Brown: Encyclopedia is a smart 12 year old boy that takes care of anyone's problems. He is a detective that investigates things. He is honest and responsible.

Rick Brown: Rick is police chief in the town. He is tall with brown hair. He is also Encyclopedia Brown's dad.


The story takes place in Encyclopedia's neighborhood. It is suburban with small houses. The time is current.
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Conflict & Resolution

Nick is selling fake U.F.O pictures. People are starting to line up to buy them. When Encyclopedia finds out he goes over there. When Encyclopedia gets there, he listens to Nick talk. Encyclopedia finds out about the fake pictures and he tells everyone. Now people are not getting ripped off.

About the Author

Donald J. Sobol wrote the Encyclopedia Brown series. He has gotten many awards including the Edgar Award for his contribution to mystery writing. He lives in Florida. He is married and has three children.
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