News from K4

November 30-December 4

Thank You

I'm so thankful for each one of your precious children! It is an absolute blessing to come to school each day and be their teacher. I hope all of you have a wonderful break.

What's Happening This Week in K4?


Guided Reading Folders go home



P.E Day




P.E Day (wear tennis shoes)


Please return Guided Reading folders


Runner's Club

Looking ahead:

November 23-27 NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

What are we learning?

  • Unit: Gingerbread Men!
  • Letters: short i as in "pig"- review -ip family (rip, lip, tip)
  • Sight words- Review ALL
  • Review Old Words- I, am, go, to, little, is, like, a, the, have, at, my, we, for, he, said
    • Math: Composing and Decomposing numbers up to 10! How many ways can we make a number?
    • Science: Trees, parts of a plant, and the needs of plants

Guided Reading Folders

SUPER IMPORTANT: Guided Reading Folders and Books!

Starting after the break, you will see a guided reading folder inside your child's backpack.

Inside this folder is a list of sight words to practice at home, as well as a list of reading strategies to help your child when they get stuck on a word.

Also, there will be leveled books inside the folder. That means that I have purposely chosen this book for your child based on their reading level. There may be one book, or two, it just depends on the week. These books are to STAY in the folder when you aren't reading them! They must be returned back to school.

I am going to do my best to make sure folders and books come home on MONDAYS. (sometimes it can be very difficult to get through all reading groups and Tuesdays may be the day they are brought home). I am asking your child to keep the folder in their backpack all week and for them to READ THE BOOKS AT HOME each night! These books may seem easy for them- and that's okay! We have already read these books in the classroom with me in their reading group. They are taking them home to show you what they learned and to build their reading confidence.

Folders and books need to be returned on FRIDAYS!

Wish List

We are almost completely out of Expo Markers!

We use them daily for all sorts of learning so if you could even pick up one for us next time you're at the store it would be greatly appreciated.

Clean socks (we use these for erasers for our white boards)


Mrs. K