Andrew Jackson

"Dream Crusher"

The Cherokee-Land Stolen

President Andrew Jackson forced Native Americans, The Cherokee, To leave there home land. Georgia wanted the land because it hand fertile soil and also was said to have gold. While the Native Americans were on there long journey, To Oklahoma, Many of them died from harsh weather, Disease, and old age.

Retrieved From: 1/14/14

Spoils System-Jackson's a fraud

Andrew Jackson gives his loyal-Unqualified-Supporter's a job in his cabinet or a government job. Do you really want some one who has know idea what they are doing running this country? Jackson should only give the qualified that power. Retrieved from: 1/15/14

The constitution-Ignored?

The supreme Court ruled the Cherokee being taken off there own land Unconstitutional, But of course Andrew Jackson ignored this. He still forced the Native Americans (At gun point) off of there land. Great job Jackson.
Trail of Tears Documentary