Genius Hour Blogging

You will be blogging about your Genius Hour progress

What You Will Do

Every week that you work on your Genius Hour project you will be writing a post on your Blog. A blog is an online journal that you will be writing in regularly to share your progress on your Genius Hour project. This post should be a minimum of one complete paragraph, but ideally would be longer. You are welcome to add photos or other media to your post as you see appropriate.

In these posts you should reflect on what you have done or learned during the class, what you would like to do in the future with the project, and how you are progressing towards your own goals with the project.

How You Will Do It

With your account you have an account already set up with the blogging platform Blogger. To access your account visit

From this page click "new blog". Title your new blog your first name and Genius Hour blog.

For example, Mr. Ross' blog would be titled "Ross' Genius Hour"

The URL address should also follow the same format, such as

You may choose any template you like, and this can be changed later.

Once your blog is set up you can click the icon for a pencil in the top of the page to begin your first post. When you have finished your post be sure to click "publish".

For future posts visit and add a new post.

Final Thoughts

You should bookmark the website: in your bookmark toolbar.

You will posting a minimum of one entry per week that we have Genius Hour. You are welcome to update your blog more regularly if you like.

Please note that these blogs will be live on the Internet for the world and you teachers and classmates to see. Keep your content school appropriate and be sure to edit for spelling and grammar.

First Blog Post


In your first Blog post answer the following questions:

  • What is the topic you’ve chosen to explore?

  • Why have you chosen this topic?

  • What questions do you have about this topic?

  • What materials and resources do you think you may need to learn about your topic?

  • How do you think you will share your learning?
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