Computer Viruses

The Techinical Terrors

The Facts

Computer viruses are the things that we are at risk of getting everyday. Some viruses are just a harmless, funny message. Or, some viruses steal your credit card information. So as you can see, computer viruses can do a wide display to your computer. So I'm going to tell the facts; in hope that it help you protect your computer.

The types of viruses and how you get them

There are 3 types of viruses. There is the normal virus; which can replicate themselves & take up memory storage & crash your computer. Then there's the Trojan; the one used for more mischievous uses. They can steal credit card information, steal passwords, & even upload more viruses to the victim device. Then there's the worm; the most dangerous of them all. If a worm's in your computer, the planter will have complete & utter control over your computer. Though they are very rare to have.

How to avoid them

According to a survey, most people don't have knowledge about how to avoid viruses. Well, here's the fundamentals. Avoid shady websites, don't download shady software, don't open unknown E-Mails, and DOWNLOAD ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE!